Undoubtedly, Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services to date. For those of you who do not know, Spotify is a private business that provides content from record labels and media companies, primarily streaming music, podcasts, and video services in a digitally restricted form. It was founded in April of 2006… Read More

Step 1: As I searched through different sites to house my Inquiry project, I noticed a lot of things about each of the places. Personally I find WordPress to be difficult to naviage, although many professionals use WordPress over any other site. While I enjoyed my time with Weebly’s extensive design and it’s bold themes,… Read More

This post doesn’t not have to do with the schedule or order on the schedule; this post is made merely because I’m just completely enraged with this article. Business Insider is a liberal business media site that wrote an article entitled “Spotify to Taylor Swift: Would You Rather Have $6 Million or Zilch?” FIRST OF… Read More

The primary issue had to do with Exclusivity, the ability to make a song or album exclusive only to the consumers who pay extra to hear the music before everyone else on premium or free-tier users could. While both the Trichordist and Startup Musician influenced my thinking, I believe there is a stronger solution. Both… Read More

I have two articles that agree with each other about 90% of the way there, but still disagree or do not have any mention of the other 10%. These articles are by the Trichordist and Startup Musician. Both articles agree in the idea that Spotify should get of the free-tier (Stockholm Syndrome, get rid of… Read More

There are two points of discussion having to do with Spotify that are keen on controversy. The first of these is Spotify’s failing business structure. Thom Yorke is a Radiohead singer and producer and he took his music down saying that Spotify needs to “change the model for new releases” or else all musicians and… Read More

Recently I found an article on Digital Trends¬†written by Rick Stella and Brandon Widder entitled “Spotify vs. Apple Music: Who Wins the Ultimate Streaming Showdown?” The article resonates with me primarily because it was written in September of this year, a current and new article having to do with the new found sub-business of Apple,… Read More

Investigators Assemble! The Gathering I have 5 links that I want to investigate: “The Spotify Problem Solved (In 3 Steps)” (Startup Musician), “Streaming is the Future, Spotify is Not, Let’s Talk Solutions” (Trichordist) “How To Make Money from Spotify by Streaming Silence” (The Guardian) and two articles that haven’t been nuggetted; “Nearly Half of us… Read More

I recently stumbled upon an article by¬†Startup Musician, a professional blog that bridges the gap between musicians and music. Frankly, I like the idea of this; musicians in general are not too good in the whole business and marketing side of music (many of my peers would agree). Brandon Shaw, author of “The Spotify Problem,… Read More