Revision of Stream Assignment Drafts

This is a revision of the stream assignment that I posted on the prior blog. Bonnie is in my office with me and we are writing this together.

Streams 1, 2 and 3: For each assigned reading, course members will complete three streams of responses.

Directions for Stream 1: Find a “nugget” and make it meaningful in your response to it. Your response to the nugget should be relevant and robust.

  • What is a nugget? Something that perplexes you; perhaps you strongly disagree or maybe it captures the essence of something you truly believe. Maybe it’s something you have never considered. Perhaps it is something you have always thought true.  A nugget may generate awe or fascinate you. A nugget elicits a light bulb in your mind.
  • How to make it meaningful?  This is your challenge. Use the tools of the internet to compose and illustrate your response.

Directions for Stream 2: Using three 1/2-1  hour screen shots of the history of your browser, reflect on the associative trails that you made. Explain the ways that the associative trails reflect the way you think and the associations you make.  It may be best to choose periods when you were especially active.

To take a screen shot of your browser history:

  • In Firefox, click on History–Show all History–>Make box bigger–>Take Screen Shot
  • In Chrome and Safari, click History–>Show History–>Take Screen Shot

Directions for Stream 3:  Daily prompts provided?

  • One example for this prompt could be Ballenger’s Interest Inventory.
  • They could do group work with asking questions about mundane or interesting object.
  • Watch videos on youtube and brainstorm. questions about what you watched…
  • Choose your own adventure RQ activity.

We are confused about how stream 3 works.

  1. Is stream 3 synonymous with the “reflective post” that appears to be due every Friday?
  2. How will we help them develop a topic and questions without offering some guided activities, such as those I noted above.

By the time that the groups must be formed (June 20), they will have read only two essays.

We would like to provide several stream 3 activities during the first 10 days leading up to the day that the topic is due–June 20.


We also don’t understand what the “first draft inquiry project” means on June 27.

Are we going to use the language of “stream 1” and “stream 2” etc?

How do you change the color of font in rampages?


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