Poetry as a Genre: Class Consensus

“Poetry is like a languages of emotions.  Lastly, novels can have many characters or situations with each having their own emotions and stories.  Poems, on the other hand, mostly illustrate the feelings behind a event, situation, or experience.” – Catherine Fu

Catherine makes a great point in talking about how poetry does a good job of conveying emotions on a broader spectrum rather than just conveying emotions through characters. I will say that in novels oftentimes the setting can set the tone as well but poetry does this in a way that is like an illustration as Catherine mentions. This almost makes me compare novels to movies while poetry might be more like a set of drawings. With poetry less can be more but the words that the author chooses can really amplify how the entire message is conveyed.

“Poetry conveys messages through the lyrical use of techniques and words and is appreciated because of its selected use of words, rhyming scheme, language and intensity of feelings or moods while novels and plays tend to more of a peculiar structure, separation through the use of chapters, and often prosaic language.” – Rubén Pagán-Ramos

I love that Ruben touches on the vast amount of techniques that can be used in poetry to get behind the overall meaning of the poetry or what the author is intending to convey. Poetry, no matter with what technique used, always seems to have some lyrical sense to it which I think is a great point that Ruben makes. According to Google, the word lyrical means expressing the writer’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way, in the sense of literature, art, or music, and poetry does this in every way.

“Rather than emphasizing the story as a novel would poetry emphasizes the use of language and provoking a response much like a painting would. Poetry can be abstract, straight-forward, convey a story, or have no semblance of a story but this is what makes poetry stand out as an art form. The freedom that an author is able to express is what differentiates poetry from traditional writing.” – Jimmy Figliola

Jimmy makes an interesting point that poetry provokes a response from the reader the same way a painting would which circles back to Catherine’s idea of poetry being able to illustrate feelings. These points justify that poetry is truly an art form. Jimmy makes a great point that poetry allows the writer freedoms and this can be empowering for the writer.

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