What Will I Dream?

Honestly, I no longer find the internet exciting. In its early years I was really checking out sites everyday just for the fun of discovering new things. However, after several years of surfing, I got tired of doing the same routine. I do use it unless I need to communicate or do a research for school. Still, I do like some websites that I regularly visit. One of them is Youtube. I know that the site contains millions of videos but I usually like watching movie trailers. I am fond of watching movies so whenever there is a chance, I search for new trailers of upcoming movies. It makes me excited whenever there is a new trailer about my favorite genre like science fiction, mystery and even horror. Another site that I am regularly visiting is Bloomberg. I am not a very good investor but I like to see the different charts in Bloomberg’s stock market section. I have some savings and would like to put them in mutual funds. That’s why I want to regularly check which stocks are performing well. Someday, I would like to be a good investor. I want to buy shares of companies not only through mutual funds but also in real brokerage. If I want to have a relaxing surfing time, I would simply go to 9gag. Most of the pictures there are funny and sometimes sarcastic. Anyway, the site gives me a more relaxing mood whenever I discover funny pictures.


Saif Dream

There is one particular movie trailer that I keep watching. It is from X Men Days of Future Past


Saif Dream1

Here’s one Bloomberg Image that I like regarding investing during low shares value


Saif Dream4

Someday I want to be good with stocks investing.

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