Webtask 15: “Time Capsule” Final Reflection

Future students: English is not my best topic so I will try my best with this reflection. You will see some words spelled wrong, but just go along with me. This class you are too taken is hard, very hard because there is a lot of critical thinking and thinking not the normal way you […]

Week 14 Webtask: “This I Believe…”

1. http://thisibelieve.org/essay/10107/ 2. The piece “It’s Better to Give…and Receive” talk about the good of giving to other people, then yourself. And also it is good to get back from other people, if you no the person or not. Giving in helping out people in need, if money or time or anything and it is […]

Week 12 Webtask: “When I think…”

“When I think…it make me feel like my brain is running on machine. The machine that turn over and over again. Like how you see the mouse, run on the machine and run and run, that is how my brain is when I think. I get tired and sometimes stop to get break. But thinking […]

Week 11 Webtask: 5-Image Argument

Aircraft showing its size, shape, and style. A carrier plane.   Another aircraft displaying its shape, style, and size. Its pretty neat. Another carrier plane. Aircraft of diff. types are made using diff. materials. Colorful sort of A typical gas-turbine engine used for some aircraft. One of the powerful engines used on aircraft. uses 80% […]

Webtask 10

http://goo.gl/L4hXgg Docs demo is interesting tool because you get to see dead people writing on your paper. It is fun and would not mind so much to use it to write some of my papers in the future. It was also weird because because the dead people continue to make me make mistakes on my […]

Inquiry Proposal

Fallen or Disappear of Aircraft If aircraft or airplanes make headlines, it is about delay of flights or passenger on the plane not being nice to others on the plane. Passenger will be making others not enjoy the flight, a baby crying from one location to another, or passenger will be asking for crazy things […]

Synthesis Briefing 2

It seem one of the most important part of aircraft/airplane is the engine. The engine help to propel the aircraft itself. Without engine, aircraft will not life into air to fly. The engine has the blades too. The engine can be made of different materials that make it last longer, such as carbon fiber material. […]

Week 4 Webtask

When I think, it is when I am looking for solutions. It is like my brain begins to race fast and not focus on one thing. For example, I am doing homework and I am trying to think of an answer- my mind will think of answer but it will move to what happened in […]

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