Last week, I read an article with a headline “World’s richest 26 own same wealth as poorest half. If we do the math that means 26 people own more wealth than 3.8 billion people combined. This shocking news proves that there is little to no equality in today’s world. Moreover the fact that the richest 26 people’s wealth has doubled since 2008 shows that only the rich has potential in this world. When I read this article, it wasn’t only shocking but it made me feel a sense of danger. Inequality can lead to many negative consequences in this world. Due to the fact that poor people aren’t getting any opportunity, the lack of hope they have could and is leading them to be violent. When inequality increases, crime¬†increases making a nation unstable. I feel like there’s a lot of work to do from either side to make this world a better¬†place for everybody. There are billions of people living just above the poverty line and this is bad news particularly for developing countries with tons of potential where the disparity gap is only getting wider.

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