Is college really preparing is for the future that’s coming?

Don’t get me wrong, being in college is one of the best things that’s happened to me and I’m sure a lot of people are grateful for this opportunity as well. It gives us not only an education which can get us a good job but also a chance to meet new people from different parts of the world that could teach us and open our minds to many things.  Moreover, college teaches us how to manage our time, finances and see what life would look like as an independent adult in the near future.

However, I feel like the future that’s coming in about thirty or fewer years is not what we’re are preparing for. According to BBC’s story “Future Now” the ten grand challenges we’ll face by 2050 consist of overpopulation, climate change, an aging population, geopolitical tensions, high population, and lost cities due to sea levels rising.

It looks to me like we’re preparing for a future we want to have and not for a future that’s coming. I feel like we’re all too focused by the future we want to have that we’ve completely neglected the future that is predicted to happen. Although we all want to pursue a career in something that we’re interested in and have a passion for, we all need to prepare and be prepared for future issues no matter what. It’s really critical and that is the only way we can reduce the consequences of what we have done to our planet now. As a result, I feel like college needs to prepare us and make everyone alert for these type of problems. High schools and middle schools may consider doing that too.

Drinking nearly 1 Gallon of Water a day.

Growing up, water would be my least favorite drink. Whether it was at home or at a restaurant, I wouldn’t order water. I went for something sugary such as sodas and cartooned juices. Especially the first semester of college, I would go for some days with no water and it would tire me a lot. Learning how much water our body needs and the good it does for us made me change my mind. Although I haven’t started it yet, I have challenged myself to drink about 1 Gallon of water every day. Many people have suggested it and said they could literally feel the difference. Although it doesn’t take that much effort, as a person who’s not used to drinking that much water, I would say it could be a little bit hard. I have planned on starting this challenge the first day of Spring Break which would be two days later on Saturday, March 2. Having to visit the toilet quite often may be the downside of it but the health benefits would definitely outnumber the disadvantages. I will get on how this experience goes in about 4 weeks. I’m confident and I hope it gives me more energy to handle the heavy workload we get in college

B737-8 Max Crash

As you may have heard, a commercial plane crashed on Sunday March 10th killing over 150 people. The plane was an Ethiopian Airlines plane flying from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Nairobi, Kenya which crashed just 6 minutes after take-off. The model of the plane which is the Boeing 737-8 max inaugurated in 2017 was also involved in a different crash in October 2018. Due to the same model of airplane crashing within 5 months, all airlines across Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe have grounded this specific plane. Moreover, pilots who have flown this plane reported that they have encountered problems with the new airplane before the latest crash happened. The auto-pilot of this new aircraft makes causes the airplanes nose to slide down, decreasing in altitude. Although not yet officially confirmed this is what many people say is what caused the crash. Airline companies in the United States are still using this despite its technical problems. The Federal Aviation government has said that there is nothing wrong with the plane but many argue that it’s because Boeing which in an American Company is holding them back to not lose credibility over the planes they make. This whole story is really unfortunate and shows that money is more valued than human life.

Racism in Journalism


Following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight #302 that crashed 6 minutes after take-off, the airline C.E.O confirmed that there were at least 35 nationalities involved in the accident. In this unfortunate plane crash that is yet to be fully investigated, I saw a problem on news channels that displeased me quite a lot. This was news organizations not recognizing all of the nationalities of the lives that were lost on that flight. In this situation, every life lost deserves attention and matters. The need to solely report and write articles about western nationalities didn’t make sense. Everyone lost on that flight is a nationality part of this world and deserves to be known. I felt like if westerners weren’t part of this accident, it wouldn’t get reported, help wouldn’t have been provided and the outcome could be very different. I thought that this was racism because news outlets only valued the lives of Canadians, Americans, and Europeans who lost their lives. The lives of about 40 Africans, Middle Eastern, and others were underreported which gives signs that it’s a neglecting. The fact that fingers were pointed at Ethiopian Airlines kind of upset me as the airline, stated by many such as Richard Quest is a safe airline. I have also been taking that airline since my childhood days and it’s a great airline company safely connecting people to the continent of Africa. My thoughts and prayers go to all the families and friends who lost loved ones.

Withdraw Deadline

Some classes are only based on 2 or 3 tests throughout the semester. For me, this case is in Economics 210. In the class, the final grade is made up of 3 tests which one is in February, another one in April and the final exam which weighs 35% of our semester grade. Other than the two midterm tests in February and April which both weigh 20%, there is a bunch of homework weighing 25% of our grade. After not doing so well in the first exam, it was hard to decide whether I should withdraw the class or not. This not just based on the fact that I didn’t do well on the test but based on the class average which was 44%. Moreover, I spent over 10 hours in 2 days studying for that exam and to get a low grade was really not a fair reflection of my effort.
As a result, I was uncertain whether I will pass the class and checked the withdraw deadline. I was so disappointed that it was going to be on March 22nd which is before my second exam. At that point, it gave me no choice but to talk to the professor about the upcoming tests or if there are extra credits.
Fortunately, there was up to 15% extra credits but required us to read three books of about 300 pages and write an 8-10 pages’ summary and reflection on it. At this point, I thought that taking the class wouldn’t be worth it at all as it would take up a lot of my time which can hold me back in my other classes.
As of right now, it’s looking more like I’m going to withdraw out from the class but the reason I wrote this blog is to show that the Withdraw deadline in VCU is too early. I really think it should be changed to a later date to give people another chance to see their performance in a class based on at least two major exams. Doing that will give a clear idea to the people that should withdraw or just continue doubtlessly.
I’m sure a lot of people feel the same and delaying the Withdraw date deadline can save a lot of people from not withdrawing as they can succeed in the upcoming test and bring their grades up.

Technology in Sports

Nowadays, technology is being applied in everything and that includes sports. Although some people are against the use of modern-day technology and others support it, the topic has been pretty controversial. Despite its controversy, cameras and goal-line technologies are being used to replace certain decisions referees used to take. As a person who’s been watching soccer since I was eight, I want to make this blog not to judge whether technology should be used in sports or not but see how watching the sport differs in the viewers’ perspective and leave it to the readers.
One of the reasons why I watch soccer is because of the intensity throughout the game. This is changing the sport as decisions made by machines are taking too long making the game run too slow at times.
For instance, this week’s Champions League games on Wednesday afternoon were games heavily impacted by technology. On either game, there were last-minute incidents caught by the camera. In the first game which involved two European heavyweights, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, an incident caught by the VAR also known as Video Assistant Referee has offered a last-minute penalty kick to Manchester United in which they were able to progress to the next level. Similarly, in the other game of AS Roma and Porto, the VAR caught foul which was unseen by the referee and provided a penalty helping Porto secure the win at their own stadium.
Seeing referee mistakes was so frustrating. Especially when it happens against the team you support which sometimes causes them to lose. Referees are humans and as a result, when the stadium atmosphere is frightening they tend to give decisions to the home team due to the high volume of home fans that cause fear. Furthermore, referees are subject to corruption so their decisions can be biased and their authority has the power to change a game’s direction.
Although it’s good to see the truth come out, technology takes so much time to make the final call. Usually, 2-3 mins where the game is paused and nobody knows what’s going on. As I’ve watched games where VAR has been influential, it creates a boring atmosphere in which once was fans blessing and others cursing referees for the decision they made. It takes the entertainment out of it and the vibes of cafeterias have changed during the game and even after games as there are no referees’ decisions to complain about. Even in stadiums fans are complaining that the time the technology takes should be highly reduced as several decisions are occurring.