Drinking nearly 1 Gallon of Water a day.

Growing up, water would be my least favorite drink. Whether it was at home or at a restaurant, I wouldn’t order water. I went for something sugary such as sodas and cartooned juices. Especially the first semester of college, I would go for some days with no water and it would tire me a lot. Learning how much water our body needs and the good it does for us made me change my mind. Although I haven’t started it yet, I have challenged myself to drink about 1 Gallon of water every day. Many people have suggested it and said they could literally feel the difference. Although it doesn’t take that much effort, as a person who’s not used to drinking that much water, I would say it could be a little bit hard. I have planned on starting this challenge the first day of Spring Break which would be two days later on Saturday, March 2. Having to visit the toilet quite often may be the downside of it but the health benefits would definitely outnumber the disadvantages. I will get on how this experience goes in about 4 weeks. I’m confident and I hope it gives me more energy to handle the heavy workload we get in college

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  1. Earlier today I was browsing YouTube and found a video about this Gallon of water a day challenge (crazy timing!). Anyways, I also relate to not drinking enough water and sometimes just avoiding it. There are so many health advantages, ranging from losing weight to clearer skin. The hard part is just challenging yourself and doing it, making sure the water is accessible and visible so you don’t forget to stay on track. For me, I prefer drinking water from a straw and find myself drinking more when a straw is around. If you prefer drinking from a straw, I recommend investing in one of those bendable reusable straws, or even a fancy water bottle to encourage you more.

  2. First I say good luck with your challenge because I know it can be hard. When I first came to VCU I in all honesty never really avidly drank water only sometimes, I much preferred a drink that was sweet with more flavor. My friend always drank water and for the most part water only, it was him who got me on this only really drinking water because it is the healthier option. I now see so many benefits from water and how good it is for your body. I hope your challenge goes well and you get the results your looking for.

  3. Yes, I have tried the gallon of water a day challenge and it was very beneficial to me. It was challenging at first. Some things I noticed about myself during this challenge is I had to pee. A lot. But I honestly began to like peeing a lot because it made me think “I’m clearing out of system of bad toxins”. My body felt better. I ate less which was good for me because I need to lose weight. And most of the times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. This challenge is good but it can also be harmful. If your pee is clear, you are drinking too much water. It can be light yellow, not too dark, and not too light to the point where it is clear. Have fun! I will be looking forward to hearing how this challenge goes for you

  4. I actually have come to this realization in the past week. Water really does affect a lot in our bodies. A lack of it can not only take away our energy, it can have a negative effect on some of our vital organs if not all. I have chosen to live a more healthy life. I started a SMART goal in my HPEX class and it had to do with something that I wanted to do to help me be more healthy and I began to attempt to drink a gallon a day too. It is so hard but so far I have been successful. Also, I want to go into healthcare so I would be a hypocrite if I told people to live a healthy life and i was not doing it myself.

  5. Personally I try to get myself to drink a lot of water everyday to make sure I am always hydrated, but my roommate had the same kind of issue where she wouldn’t drink water I swear for a couple days. Like you said, it was crazy to find out how much water our bodies actually need and I too challenged myself to drink a certain amount everyday. Now I just constantly drink water and don’t really count how much it is, but I never feel like I am lacking water. I like that you are setting a goal for yourself everyday because it keeps yourself in check. I hope it is going well !

  6. This was great! My friend has a similar problem as you did. She’s ADDICTED to soda. It’s basically all she drank up until recently. Her main problem was that she drink like the taste of water, which I guess I can understand. She also assumed that all water tasted the same. So, I introduced her to fruit infused water and showed her the differences in ph when it came to different kinds of water, especially which water has a better ph. Slowly, but surely, she has started drinking more water and it really has made a difference. She’s not as tired all the time and she says she can really tell the difference between being dehydrated and hungry now.

  7. So I definitely commend you for doing this challenge. The easy part is the idea the hard part is consistently drinking it throughout the week. Like you I came to college didn’t drink as much water as I’m supposed to but I eventually I started not to like drinking sugary drinks as much and water was my go to. I did a smoothie challenge back in high school where I drank smoothies for two meals a day and drank a gallon a water a day. I lost so much weight just because I changed my diet but gained it back once I got to college. But what I did see from that challenge was the positive affect it had on me. I definitely say keep with the challenge it definitely works more for the good than it does the bad.

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