Racism in Journalism


Following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight #302 that crashed 6 minutes after take-off, the airline C.E.O confirmed that there were at least 35 nationalities involved in the accident. In this unfortunate plane crash that is yet to be fully investigated, I saw a problem on news channels that displeased me quite a lot. This was news organizations not recognizing all of the nationalities of the lives that were lost on that flight. In this situation, every life lost deserves attention and matters. The need to solely report and write articles about western nationalities didn’t make sense. Everyone lost on that flight is a nationality part of this world and deserves to be known. I felt like if westerners weren’t part of this accident, it wouldn’t get reported, help wouldn’t have been provided and the outcome could be very different. I thought that this was racism because news outlets only valued the lives of Canadians, Americans, and Europeans who lost their lives. The lives of about 40 Africans, Middle Eastern, and others were underreported which gives signs that it’s a neglecting. The fact that fingers were pointed at Ethiopian Airlines kind of upset me as the airline, stated by many such as Richard Quest is a safe airline. I have also been taking that airline since my childhood days and it’s a great airline company safely connecting people to the continent of Africa. My thoughts and prayers go to all the families and friends who lost loved ones.

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