Withdraw Deadline

Some classes are only based on 2 or 3 tests throughout the semester. For me, this case is in Economics 210. In the class, the final grade is made up of 3 tests which one is in February, another one in April and the final exam which weighs 35% of our semester grade. Other than the two midterm tests in February and April which both weigh 20%, there is a bunch of homework weighing 25% of our grade. After not doing so well in the first exam, it was hard to decide whether I should withdraw the class or not. This not just based on the fact that I didn’t do well on the test but based on the class average which was 44%. Moreover, I spent over 10 hours in 2 days studying for that exam and to get a low grade was really not a fair reflection of my effort.
As a result, I was uncertain whether I will pass the class and checked the withdraw deadline. I was so disappointed that it was going to be on March 22nd which is before my second exam. At that point, it gave me no choice but to talk to the professor about the upcoming tests or if there are extra credits.
Fortunately, there was up to 15% extra credits but required us to read three books of about 300 pages and write an 8-10 pages’ summary and reflection on it. At this point, I thought that taking the class wouldn’t be worth it at all as it would take up a lot of my time which can hold me back in my other classes.
As of right now, it’s looking more like I’m going to withdraw out from the class but the reason I wrote this blog is to show that the Withdraw deadline in VCU is too early. I really think it should be changed to a later date to give people another chance to see their performance in a class based on at least two major exams. Doing that will give a clear idea to the people that should withdraw or just continue doubtlessly.
I’m sure a lot of people feel the same and delaying the Withdraw date deadline can save a lot of people from not withdrawing as they can succeed in the upcoming test and bring their grades up.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with you. I think that they should just push it back like another week or two because most of my second and third test are after the date so if I feel uneasy like you are saying, and I bet a lot of people jump the gun and withdraw. They could just be throwing money down the drain because they don’t know if they could have passed or not. Also, most of my teachers had up my midterm grades like the day of or the day before the date, so I didn’t have time to think it over and what not. I feel as if some teachers don’t realize how big of a deal it is to have grades in more than a day before. Because, most people are going to want to talk to their parents, advisers, friends, and self-reflect. I just think that takes a while to decide to withdraw of not and many teachers do not give us enough time before the date.

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