Is college really preparing is for the future that’s coming?

Don’t get me wrong, being in college is one of the best things that’s happened to me and I’m sure a lot of people are grateful for this opportunity as well. It gives us not only an education which can get us a good job but also a chance to meet new people from different parts of the world that could teach us and open our minds to many things.  Moreover, college teaches us how to manage our time, finances and see what life would look like as an independent adult in the near future.

However, I feel like the future that’s coming in about thirty or fewer years is not what we’re are preparing for. According to BBC’s story “Future Now” the ten grand challenges we’ll face by 2050 consist of overpopulation, climate change, an aging population, geopolitical tensions, high population, and lost cities due to sea levels rising.

It looks to me like we’re preparing for a future we want to have and not for a future that’s coming. I feel like we’re all too focused by the future we want to have that we’ve completely neglected the future that is predicted to happen. Although we all want to pursue a career in something that we’re interested in and have a passion for, we all need to prepare and be prepared for future issues no matter what. It’s really critical and that is the only way we can reduce the consequences of what we have done to our planet now. As a result, I feel like college needs to prepare us and make everyone alert for these type of problems. High schools and middle schools may consider doing that too.

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  1. I agree with you. As for all the environment problems that are happening on planet Earth will eventually lead up to a catastrophe in which we will all regret. As today’s generation has become so greedy for money, while also feeling very lonely at the same time. Because of that their implementing actions, which are not just harming our planet Earth. But also setting a bad example in front of the youth crowd. Some of these events include: killing elephants for their ivory & many more animals for their valuable features, littering in the oceans, trying to at least take action toward the global warming issues that are happening currently, by finding a solution that is reasonable on fulfilling to decrease its hot & cold temperatures, and etc. So as human beings, we should at least try to remember of how each one of us are a part of the same crowd of animals that have always ended up evolving into some new type of species. As for going through the journey of being an ape to a functional human being that can walk and talk on a daily basis. With a choice that god decided to make, by giving birth to a new type of life on planet Earth, which contained a species that was called by the name of human beings. By making us the protectors of this planet, so that we can look out for Earth’s back. But apparently we decided to harm our very own planet Earth, who gave birth to this species called human beings or should I say human terminators.

  2. One of the best things that comes about from college is the transformation of us into better human beings. This transformation comes from several factors such as education, experience, and mistakes. Our education serves to make us fit for the right jobs that we want to be in for hopefully the remainder of our lives and also to provide us money so we can truly start living our own lives. The predictions of the future being completely different from what most of us view that it will be can only be determined by the education and knowledge that we know now so it is our mission to seek more knowledge and gain a better understanding of our world before we discuss any further.

  3. I agree with your blog on how college prepares us for the future. We do tend to look at the future that we want, instead of looking at the future that can be predicted to happen. I also agree that colleges should make us more alert to these problems in the future. We need to be more alert to these problems because these problems can affect the rest of our lives in the near future. These problems can be detrimental to our society. We need to worry about these challenges that we can face in the near future, instead of thinking about how much money we will have in the future.

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