Ran out of Ideas

For this week’s blog, I ran out of something to write about. I had things to write about but didn’t think they were interesting or engaging enough. As a result, I just wanted to give some word of encouragement to everyone who reads this blog. As the semester is coming to an end, exams are coming up and as we’re getting tired. A lot of us students are lacking in motivation in the most important time of the semester including myself. I think we should all remind ourselves of our future goals and why we’re doing what we’re doing to keep our heads-up and try to finish this semester in the best way possible. As many upperclassmen say freshman year is the best time to get a high GPA that will balance the lower grades in the coming years, I just wanted to remind that even when things aren’t going our way we have to keep believing in ourselves until the semester ends and keep working hard and treating ourselves good to make the best out of this.

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  1. You absolutely nailed it!! FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE ALMOST DONE!! I’m just so glad because I’m ready to go home and work so I can prepare for next year. But you’re right we need to remember our goals and why we came to college in the first place to push us as our motivation. We got this, we can do it, we not new to this anymore we true to this, so get ready and lets kill the last part of the semester.

  2. Thanks for the motivation, I know it’s definitely been difficult for me (with all the nice weather) to get work done. You’re right! We’re almost done, less than a month so we need to get back on the study/hw grind. We’re spending so much money here, so we need to finish up strong! Get back in the race, then relax for summer. It’s easy to forget why we’re here, but this is when it counts. Don’t let all your hard go to waste, stick it out till the end!

  3. Impressive blog entry! A quick motivation speech, for those who want some encouragement in finishing the spring 2019 and future semesters on a strong note. While this semester is about to get over in the next three weeks and four days. I have to say that we are almost there in seeing the sunny days come by, as we just have to keep our engines going for the next three weeks and four days. As that is the reason to why everyone works hard during the semester and plays hard by enjoying their breaks from college. So don’t let those cars slow down now, this is just where the excitement begins. Do you have what it takes to finish this spring 2019 semester on a solid note or not.

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