Should the rich give money to the poor?

The recent conversations about ethical situations in class have been really interesting. These questions look simple but are sort of challenging to answer.

Personally, each and everybody work hard so they can get money to spend on themselves and enjoy the things they want to buy. However, depending on how much money you make I feel like the rich should be giving to the poor. Being rich or poor can either be by luck or through hard work. I don’t think this should be the main point or the focus, though. I feel like the focus should be on who needs the money more. Let’s say you own a company or you’re an athlete and make more than ten million dollars a year. Although you have the right to spend it on anything you want, there are a lot of unnecessary things that person will buy compared to a person who can’t even afford to rent an apartment or even buy a jacket during winter seasons in the less economically developed countries. We also need to remember that making money is also about opportunities. There are people working over 40 hours a week that still struggle to pay their wages. Unless it’s taxes where everyone whether rich or poor have to pay the government, when giving money I don’t think rich people should be paying a lot because at the end of the day they earned it. Nevertheless, if they give little maybe about (5 to 10%) of their income, it will positively impact the poor people more than it will ever hurt them.

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  1. I understand your view from this, but think of it this way. You have a test coming up in your most challenging class. You have studied day in and day out and gone to tutoring, reviewed, and everything you could possibly do to prepare yourself for this test. On the other hand your class mate skipped class. Never showed up. Or maybe they did show up but didn’t put the work in. You each take the test, and you receive an A and your classmate receives an F. You got what you rightfully worked for and so did that peer. However now your teacher says, “I am taking some of your points to give to the person who got an F.” Essentially equaling out the grade. You both get a C on the assignment.

    I know money is a different aspect, but labor plays a big part. As well as utilizing your resources and taking advantage of situation opposed to having missed opportunities. Yes, If someone is making ten million dollars then I could see where you think they should be taxed to to make it fair. But on average, the people who make that much money already give to the poor. i.e Lebron James starting a school, Will Smith and his son’s, company “Just Water” to raise money for Flint Michigan pipe line crisis. It’s been years since that happened and if the government was really using the rich’s money to distribute back to their people, their pipes should have been fixed long ago. Rich people tend to give, donate, have scholarships, etc. Taxing is just an unnecessary certainty of life that causes a lot of problems.

    1. I do agree on that. If another student gets some credits off of my test to equal our results, it’s definitely unfair. However, this isn’t even equality. I don’t think equality in money can or should exist because we need to believe in hard work (although some are lucky to have what they have). Overall though, I feel like this world would’ve been better off if everyone helped their community instead of investing thousands of dollars in jewelry or unnecessary luxury items. This is an investment the rich should consider because by making your community better, you’ll increase their ability to buy more which makes you more money if you’re the richest person in the neighborhood. It’s so sad to see the system is just set for the rich to make more money and to pay unfairly for some labors like farming which is a very hard thing to do. There should also be a reconsideration for the value of labors because some people are getting paid way less than the effort they put in. But overall I agree with your point.

  2. I agree with your opinion about taxes. It definitely discourages people to not work because they will still be getting some money off welfare. However, I feel like, without taxes and everything, we would have poor infrastructure, government, and security. We would also have a lot more crimes and robberies because if the disparity gap between the rich and the poor is too high people will start stealing and lives will be lost. I think the government can do much better in the way it collects and spends tax money but I think taxes are essential in creating a balance in society in which everyone can access basic goods and luxury items are left for the one who got the cash.

  3. I agree that there are many factors that you can argue for this decision. All I know is that I definitely do not want to be in the situation to decide what happens for this issue. I think that the poor definitely need help, but it is hard to break the cycle and gain new opportunities. I also this the rich have the right to their own money because they earned it. People should have the choice whether to hand down money to their children or not. Poverty is increasing and you can’t help but feel bad for these people. I can see both sides to this argument and I even have a hard time deciding after our conversation in class.

  4. I personally believe that those who are outrageously rich and have so much money that they do not even know what to do with it should definitely give money to the poor. I do not think that they should be obligated because they did work for their money (well some of the rich)but it should be strongly recommended because why would you not want to help those in need. As you stated in your blog there are people who work all these hours during a week and they still cannot make ends meet. I think that those who have all this money, should definitely consider giving back to those in need.

  5. We have discussed this in class and I think the poor definitely need help from the rich. But the rich have the authority to decide whether to give out the money or not. Since some rich people desire the money they have work for. But some people didn’t work that much and they still get a large amount of money. And I think this is a problem that the government should take into consideration. Because of one’s poverty will also affect the next generation. But this is not fair for the next generation.

  6. I agree with a lot of what you said, and a lot of the other comments. The rich have definitely earned their money and should decide what they want to do with it. I’m sure most wealthy people know its the right thing to do to donate the money to charity and give back, and forcing them to should not be allowed. There’s a lot of poverty in this world, so i understand both sides of this argument.

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