Premier League


If you watch football (soccer), then you probably follow the English premier league also known as Barclays Premier League. For the past 3-4 years, the league has quite been boring. For a league that’s always been known to be overly competitive, knowing who will lift the trophy 2-3 months in advance was kind of upsetting unless it’s the team that you support. This year, however, the competition has been really exciting. Teams are still fighting to get the top places and losing or even drawing one game is making a huge difference in the standings. This is making me and a lot of other people follow the league closely and watch a lot more games than I did before. Competition creates entertainment and this is what makes a league worth watching. For instance, leagues in Italy, France, and Germany aren’t competitive. You’d know who will lift the trophy before the season even starts and there will barely be any surprises. Not only in football but in other sports as well I feel like competition is what makes leagues interesting. The UEFA Champions League, for example, is a league with the best teams for Europe and that’s why people enjoy it. Moreover, every year there is a team that is underestimated but still does well. For this year’s it’s been Ajax Ax. A team from Holland where many of its players are teens but are winning against big teams like Real Madrid and now Juventus. This is part of why I love football!

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