Immigration Crisis Speech


Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon,

The immigration crisis at the borders of the United States has increased in severity and importance as time has passed. The rate at which immigration is escalating is alarming, reaching around 258 million immigrants. The border between Mexico and the United States is filled with disturbing images of children from Central America being separated from their parents. After they are separated from their parents, these children are kept in cages. These horrible actions are the result from the zero-tolerance policy for unauthorized entry into the country. Although President Donald Trump signed an executive order that eliminates the separation of families, the issue of immigration remains a significant problem globally. It is essential to look at the seriousness of the issue through some statistics from an article by Shahshahani, Azadeh. Around twenty-four people get displaced every minute with sixty-six million people being forced out of their homes for various reasons. The regions with the most significant number of displaced people are Central America and the Middle East. People flee their countries because of unavoidable circumstances. Thus when denied entry into other countries, this results in a displacement crisis. The United States foreign policy is responsible for creating the mess with the migrant population.

The truth is that the United States plays the victim in matters related to immigration yet it contributed to the immigration crisis. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) led a coup in the 1950s which resulted in the deaths of around 200,000 people in Guatemala. The coup removed the Guatemala president (who was elected democratically) and installed the military dictatorship. The elected president of Guatemala interfered with the interests of the U.S. government when he introduced the Decree 900. The Decree 900 was associated with redistribution of property to the landless. The coup resulted in a civil war which saw the death of many people. The United States has also conducted a war against the people of El Salvador which similarly resulted into the death of many people. The civil war in El Salvador was between the government led by the military and the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front. The involvement of the United States government was based on the provision of military aid during the administrations of Reagan and Carter. A series of actions in El Salvador indicated the trigger of the immigration crisis. Nicaragua is another target that the US is responsible for starting a war. The war in Nicaragua resulted in the death of fifty thousand people. Not to mention that the number of people declared dead does not include injured people.

Just as people have the right to stay where are, they also have the right to move when conditions become unbearable. The conditions in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras (Central America’s Northern Triangle) have become dangerous and oppressive to human survival. The people in these areas are therefore coerced to migrate to other places. The United States formulated the policies that resulted in the crisis and then proceed to deny people from migrating into the United States. The immigrants and refugees are asylum seekers fleeing from harsh conditions. It is miserable that the policies by President Donald Trump aim at denying the refugees a chance to enter the United States. The denial depicts the violation of the international law.

The government of the United States has created dictatorships in Central America. Dictatorships bring about adverse effects since they significantly undermine the formation of democracies in the countries affected. It threatens democracies in several ways such as economic sabotages, initiating wars, and producing suitable environments of gangs and cartels. As a result, the residents of such countries find it very difficult to survive in such conditions. They end up fleeing to other countries, primarily the United States. The United States triggers such conditions in other countries, then refuses to accommodate the refugees.

It is also important to look at the various perceptions of public officials about the immigrants. Some public officials assert that are only interested in economic activities. Such an assumption makes people view immigration as a way to look for better jobs and lives. I tend to disagree with such an assertion because most of the people from El Salvador are categorized as poor. Instead, they came to the United States for survival purposes. The United States is first responsible for creating the conditions that resulted in the misery of the migrants in their own countries. Kidnapping the children of the immigrants at the borders worsens the situation. Without a doubt, the foreign policy of the United States created the crisis in the world.

According to Mosqueda (2018), The President continues to contribute to the mess by using hateful words towards the immigrants. He uses the word “animals” when referring to the immigrants which is a very negative way of addressing people who are in need of help. Any undocumented individual in the United States is said to be an illegal alien, thus making them criminals. The president explains that the current foreign policy in the United States aims at keeping the country safe from dangerous groups of people such as the drug cartels and gangs. Despite the presence of the drug cartels among the refugees, if the US had not started the civil wars in various countries, then it would not be experiencing such conditions. The immigration laws in the United States are also questionable in terms of their foundations. Some of them are racists for instance in the case where the African American slaves escaped from their owners.

The foreign policy in the US will continue to generate more refugees in the future if not amended. Take for instance the privatization of the water supply in El Salvador. Implementing the policy would result in a desperation situation in El Salvador. The desperation would force the residents in El Salvador to migrate to the United States. The government should, therefore, consider halting water privatization of water as well as other public goods to manage the immigration crisis.

Climate changes are another major factor that is often contributing to the immigration crisis in the future. Trump’s administration is very ignorant about aspects of climate change by proceeding to ignore the situation which might trigger an increase in the immigration crisis. The actions in the United States possesses a large threat to the climate which in turn results into changes in the environment. There is a close connection between immigration and climate change especially Latin America. Changes in the climate forces people to migrate when the conditions become unbearable. The government in the United States is spending its resources on securing the borders instead of using the resources in constructive ways that would reduce the incidences of the immigration crisis. Productive utilization of resources would include mitigating the effects of climatic changes (Mosqueda 2018).

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that everyone understands how the United States foreign policy contributed to the immigration crisis. Instead of facing the mess it has created, the users run away from the problem by denying the immigrants entry. In the US. The government is willing to do anything it takes to keep the refugees from entering the country including kidnapping the children of the immigrants. The children are kept in harsh conditions, which indicates the inhuman actions on the part of the government. The government of the United States is therefore not a victim of the immigration crisis. It activated the crisis, and it should consequently face the mess it generates.

To sum up, I would like to discuss some of the recommendations that the government can use to deal with the mess it created. The first recommendation is abandoning the zero-tolerance policy towards the undocumented migrants. The government should include some considerations of the situations of the immigrants before forbidding them from entering the United States. Separating children from their parents should not be an option to be considered since it is an inhuman action. Another recommendation is evaluating the consequences of future actions and policies. An evaluation would help in determining the effect the policies have on the immigration crisis. If the policy increases the immigration crisis, then the policy should be amended or wholly abandoned. The government should also consider formulating some policies that are in favor of the immigrants.

Thank you for listening to me. I hope the speech has been informative on the dominant issue of the immigration crisis.