Cover Letter

When I initially enrolled in this class, I considered myself a smart thinker, a skilled writer, and an active collaborator. I believed that my thinking, writing, and collaborating skills were sufficient for a college student and I had confidence in my abilities. Over time, I realized that my skills were satisfactory, but also could be improved.  I feel that the multiple assignments I did in class such as writing papers, presenting information, researching, and working with others, greatly improved my skills.  I chose the specific pieces presented in my portfolio because I felt that they offered an accurate representation of my writing. Each piece of writing that I have included in my portfolio demonstrates my skills as a writer. I think that each piece of writing shows my personal beliefs as an individual, as well as my abilities as a writer and thinker. My writing reflects my thinking and learning over the semester as it offers an insight of my thought process and opinions on various subjects. My learning is reflected through the completion of each piece of writing, which helped show improvement and progress of my skills. I have learned useful information this semester which I plan on using in the future by incorporating in my daily writing and thinking. By repeatedly practicing and using the information I have learned this semester, I plan to continue to better myself as a thinker, writer, collaborator, and student.

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