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My name is Sana (she/her); I’m from Long Beach, CA. I’m in my second semester of the Digital Sociology program and loving it so far! My research interests revolve around race/ethnicity as well as the impacts of  social media and technology.  I have been interested in technology based research and transitioning from traditional social/policy research into user experience (UX) research. This is a fairly new emerging field especially flourishing in CA so there’s only room for growth, which is why I’m grateful to be in the Digital Research Methods and Design course. As a UX researcher, knowledge of software such as Python is critical to understand large sets of data. In the past, I have played around with HTML coding as well as SAS, but I still consider myself a beginner.  I’m still a novice in coding software, but super excited to learn more!

Something cool about me is that I love exploring and going on adventures — anything to with traveling and trying new things — I am there.  I visited Costa Rica back in 2016 with my husband and unknowingly signed us up for level 4 river rafting (the most intense level possible).  We showed up to the rafting site not knowing what to expect; I saw the rafting guide bust out helmets for everyone to wear and I freaked out. My first thoughts were ‘Wait a minute…why do we need helmets…are we going to fall out of the raft?!?!’ I wasn’t aware that rafting could be that dangerous to the point of needing helmets. As someone who doesn’t know how to swim, I thought about pulling back and cancelling the trip. My anxiety was through the roof. Even so, I pushed through the anxiety and decided to go any ways. I’m glad I did because that trip was one of the most exhilarating and exciting adventures I’ve ever experienced! It completely put me in the flow state and every second was worth it. After that day, I learned that sometimes the most anxiety provoking things reap the highest rewards. Since then, I’ve traveled to Colombia, Thailand, and Peru — all with the purpose to seek adventure 🙂

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  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the course! I am so glad you are here. We have overlap in research interests as I am interested in the sociology of the family and race & ethnicity. Let’s talk! We have another common interest: adventure. I have made it a habit of traveling around alone. My favorite adventure was one summer I stayed in a hostel in Jerusalem and decided to visit a friend in Jerash, Jordan. Alone I took the bus through the West Bank to the north. I was dropped off in a settlement town north of the border. The “Central Bus” station was only a dusty bench in the middle of nowhere. One cab driver was there. When I came to the border, I was confronted by soldiers who eventually led me to the other side. My friend was four hours late picking me up, so I basically sat in a military base for several hours with very polite soldiers who didn’t speak any English. My Arabic was rudimentary then, so I could only speak a few words. But, I was well-fed, and the hospitality of the Jordanian soldiers was excellent!

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