Digital sociological research

This week’s readings range from a variety of important research subjects in the digital space including policing immigration, denial of racism, and the panopticon surveillance system in the workplace. All studies range in how they collect and analyze their data, but there are some similarities. Online ethnography and textual analysis of online conversation threads are utilized in “Keeping it in the Family”. Similarly, “#notracist: Exploring racism denial talk on Twitter” takes a digital ethnographic approach in analyzing the mechanisms of racism denial through examining vast amounts of tweets using the hashtag #notracist through data-scraping. However, “Keeping it in the Family” takes an immersive approach in ethnographic research by observing and analyzing the social dynamics of the online forum over the span of 2 years.  In the “Employee monitoring in a digital context” study, individual beliefs regarding workplace monitoring are studied using a Likert survey with the aim to understand trust-based issues and social norms that regulate work time.


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  1. I really enjoy how you comprised all the methods. Which method did you like the most? I really enjoyed the survey option only because I like the idea of some type of human subjects.

  2. Thanks for the post. Did you find any one study particularly compelling? Was their any one finding that stood out to you?

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