Case Report #1                                                                                                                          In chapter 13, Page 147 :

A trim man in his early sixties, grey beard, glasses, hurrying between temporary rooms towards us. “Is it inspector Borlú?” He glanced at Dhatt, but seeing the Ul Qoman insignia looked back at me. “I heard you might be coming. I’m glad to coincide with you. I’m David Bowden.”

“Professor Bowden.” I shook his hand. “I’m enjoying your book.” He was visibly taken back. He shook his head. “I take it you mean my first one. No one ever means the second one.” He dropped my hand. “That’ll get you arrested, Inspector.” Dhatt was looking at me in surprise.

“Where’s your office, Professor? I’m Senior Detective Dhatt I’d like to talk to you”

“I don’t have one, SD Dhatt. I’m only in here a day a week. And it’s not professor. Plain doctor. Or David is fine.”

“How long will you be here this morning, Doctor?” I said. “Could we grab a word with you?”

“I…of course, if you’d like, Inspector, but as I say, I’ve no office. Normally I meet students at my flat.”


RESPONSE:                                                                                                                 Inspector Borlú and Dhatt head to the Prince of Wales University Ul Qoma Archeology program to ask the students and staff some questions about their investigation. Borlú introduces Bowden as this man in his early sixties, which is odd to refer someone in their sixties as young or late sixties because how can you tell the age of an old man? He just looks old.

Bowden is also described as “hurrying between temporary rooms towards us.” Bowden was clearly eager to see/coincide with Borlú. Bowden explains he expected Borlú in that day, yet Dhatt told Borlú in the car ride he specifically only informed Professor Rochambeaux while the rest would discover him once he arrived. Bowden claimed he came to the University to try to contact his supervisee, Yolanda. It is very interesting how Bowden was at the University at the same exact time as Borlú and Dhatt. Bowden seems too cheery to see Borlú.

Without hesitation, Borlú tells Bowden he is enjoying reading his book, Between The City and The City. Bowden was definitely not expecting Borlú to admit to reading his book because it is illegal and he could be arrested. Dhatt doesn’t have anything to say. Was it planned? Any other time Dhatt is ready to jump on Borlú about breaching, especially in alter. The situation is dropped without a conclusion about Borlú illegally reading Bowden’s book about the third city. I believe Borlú blurted out to Bowden about his book just to catch him off guard and wanted Bowden to say something that would give the investigation a lead.

I was in absolute shock when Bowden stated he doesn’t have an office and his students “normally” meet him in his flat. Besźel and Ul Qoma both have insane rules, but the fact that no one thinks that is not out of the ordinary is not normal. Where I am from, the last thing you want to happen is to be caught with one of your professors/supervisors. Why would anyone think it is a splendid idea for a sixty year old man to supervise a young female college student? It doesn’t make sense and appears suspicious.