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Focused Inquiry UNIV 112

How do educators of K-8 students in the U.S. unconsciously behave towards students with disabilities?

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  1. Teachers are not receiving the full and proper knowledge, training, and/or experience with student with disabilities.
    1. Educators are only required to receive a bachelor’s degree in education, minimum classroom experience (usually not in mainstream classrooms), and a licensure.
    2. They are entering their career oblivious on how to handle a classroom with both disabled and non-disabled students.
    3. Teachers are forced to create their own strategies, which are usually negative.

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  2. Educators view student’s disability behavior issues as disruptive.
    1. They don’t understand what it is like having a disability.
    2. Students with a disability are unable to control their actions. and they should not be penalized for things out of their control.
    3. Teachers in Texas refused to have students with a disability because they didn’t want their classroom to be disorderly (Rosenthal, 2018). 

      David About Town: Apologies to Teachers. Star94.1. June 3, 2016. Retrieved fromhttps://star941atlanta.radio.com/blogs/jeff-jenn-show/david-about-town-apologies-teachers

  3. Teachers have a negative stigma on disability.
    1. Educators perceive students with a disability as a burden on the classroom and to their parents.
    2. Teachers treat disabled students with shame because they feel bad for them.
    3. Teachers don’t know how children with disabilities feel or think, and teachers create their own perceptions.

Conclusion: If teachers kept an open mind, changed their negative stigma, and received a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience with disabled children, they would then not behave insensitively and irrational towards children with disabilities.

Rosenthal, B. (2018, January 11). Texas excluded thousands from special education, federal officials say. New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/11/us/texas-special-education.html



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  1. This is such an interesting topic and well put together. I like the visuals and the reason teachers might be a problem. I like how us proved your topic is a social construct. Overall I enjoyed this post.

  2. It was really interesting to see how teachers treat kids with disabilities in the classroom. I was talking to a friend, who is currently Elementary Education major, and she goes to the schools every Friday to get experience in the classroom. One Friday she went to a special education classroom and she witnessed a teacher hit a child who had autism because he had hit her when he was upset. This particular child was high on the spectrum and did not know how to convey his emotions. It’s really crazy to me that stuff like this happens in the schools but no one really does anything about it.

  3. Hi Cecelia,

    I enjoyed how you kept your post short and not lengthy, but full of good content. With that said, I really liked how you created the subtopics and then further broke down the points into A, B, C, D, etc. I also really liked how you bolded the sub topics and provided a clear stated conclusion as well. Along with all that, I think that the pictures you used were appropriate for what you discussed in your paper. After listening to your presentation and reading your post, I definitely see the way that teachers act towards students with disabilities, given the points you showed.

  4. This is definitely an interesting topic and I agree that teachers should have more training when it comes to learning how to handle a class of kids with disabilities. Overall, I enjoyed reading your post and I found the way you formatted it to be appealing and easy to read.

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