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Animals have feelings too

First, I would like to start off by saying, I absolutely admire Alice Walker’s writing style. She doesn’t begin with her main point, instead she makes the reader intrigued to read more. Alice Walker compares Blue’s feelings to a white child raised by a black slave woman. Then, she compares how Blue feels once his friend was taken away to how a white child who has been raised by their “mammy” is taken and sold. Through Blue’s eyes, Alice Walker can see the resentment he has towards humans.   She concludes her column with the thought of eating a steak to mean she is contributing to the misery of animals. I can relate to this because I too do not eat red meat. After I saw a gut-wrenching video of how animals are treated in order for humans to eat, I decided to not be apart of creating an “image” for animals. Alice Walker exclaims the look of Blue was “so full of greed, a look so human, I almost laughed ( I felt too sad to cry) to think, there are people who do not know that animals suffer” (Walker, 1986).

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Blue is seen as this beautiful image of freedom, though people don’t take the time to treat him as equal. Innocent animals are being tortured and killed, yet people still believe cows, pigs, and hens are living happy lives while producing meat for us humans. If even see a piece of red meat, my stomach turns upside down. I know animals kept on a farm see their friends being taken away from them daily. They know they’re next. Blue and other animals have feelings too. 

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How do educators of K-8 students in the U.S. unconsciously behave towards students with disabilities?


For the ‘Greater Good’

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  1. You might consider learning and writing more about this topic. You seem to relate to it.

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