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In the article, Promoting and Protecting Mental Health as Flourishing: A Complementary Strategy for improving National Mental Health, Keyes breaks down both mental health and illness and compares the terms “flourishing” and “languishing” and their impact on our life’s. From the title of the article alone, I knew the article was going to touch more on the term flourishing since its one that I’ve never heard before. I truly assumed that the article was just going to discuss how we needed more people aware of mental illnesses and different ways to reach out to those with a mental illness. However, after reading the article, I was surprised by how it gave me a different outlook on mental illnesses. It showed me that someone can have a mental illness and still be flourishing and that there are people that are able to handle it, instead on just being languish. This article made me reflect on my life, and I can honestly say that I don’t see myself as either languish or flourishing, but more in the middle. I hope that I can one day reach that point of flourishing where I no longer am unsure of myself and my abilities, however I’m not there, yet. I was aware of some of topics discussed like how mental illness is starting to increase and numbers, all around the world, namely the United States. “Threefold increase in teen suicide, more adults with anxiety and depression, and more lifestyle and stress- related chronic physical health conditions.” (Keyes). However, I was unaware of the difference in the terms flourishing and languish, like how flourishing is when someone is more cheerful and has aspirations they hope to achieve, or even have a well understanding of themselves. While, languish is someone who is unfulfilled with their own lives and are depressed. My only question is, with everything that we continue to learn about mental illnesses, why are more people unaware or accepting that mental illnesses are an illnesses?

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