Contemplating Mindfulness at Work: An integrative Review

This article talks about how mindfulness is extremely beneficial for behavior, emotions, cognition, attention, and physiology. Researchers wanted to see how mindfulness could improve the work place and give some insight to organizational leaders. Mindfulness is able to control our attention and keep us in the present instead of wandering around, which is what most of us do while we’re awake. You can easily notice a huge improvement in job performance after use mindfulness methods.

I know a family friend that uses mindfulness techniques in their work space and they’ve noticed a huge improvement in their work. They are able to accomplish more tasks since they are more motivated and able to concentrate. Personally, I find that after using mindfulness techniques I tend to be more motivated to accomplish my work. Since, that is a result for me I can see how it can impact the work space in a positive way.

Having seen this result of work ethic improvement, why do you think mindfulness is still not used in all offices around the world?

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