Annual Research Review: On the developmental neuropsychology of substance use disorders

Before reading this article, I knew that it was going to discuss substance abuse and its correlation with the youth. It mentions in the article that adolescence is a time of development that is necessary for adulthood. That during adolescences it’s easier for a child to become addicted to drugs, since your brain isn’t fully developed making you more vulnerable to substance abuse.
The development process of addiction includes predisposing factors, adolescent developmental processes, maintenance, and addiction. The first part includes genetic factors and environmental context. While, the next stage includes adolescences need for drug experimentation. Maintenance is when the habit is being formed and you are becoming tolerant. While, the last stage was addiction as you begin to show signs of tolerance and withdrawal.
From this article I was truly shocked by how much your brain can be affected by substances, especially abuse.
Do you think society is a reason why adolescences start abusing drugs?

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