Differences in Character Among U.S. College Students

Before reading this article, I knew that it was going to discuss the different personalities that are seen in college. The article talks about character strengths in students and to see if there was any correlation between gender, age, and race.

They were able to determine this through through the questionnaire Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS). From the results, you see that the results you see that character strength was similar between race, gender, age, relationship status, years of education, and work status. The test looks for 24 character strengths organized under six broad virtues: forgiveness, fairness, leadership, citizenship, kindness, humor/playfulness, social/personal intelligence, perspective,  spirituality/religiousness,gratitude,intimacy, love of learning, appreciation of beauty, curiosity, creativity, perseverance, self- control/self regulation,hope/optimism, zest, prudence, judgment, modesty/humility, honesty, integrity, and bravery/valor.

One thing from this article that really amazed me was that there was 11 of the 24 character differences between genders. From this article it showed me that our experiences shape us. Also, that our personalities are subject to change overtime due to changes.

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