Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

Before reading this article I knew that it was talking about ways to promote forgiveness. This article defines forgiveness as the reduction in vengeful and angry thoughts, feelings, and motives that may be accompanied by or the increase in some form of positive thoughts, feelings, and motives towards the offending person.

I learned that you must not only promote releasing anger but moving towards a positive path. The idea of a forgiveness intervention is when everyone works together to help someone move forward for the better.

I feel that everyone should be forgiving in some way, since it allows you to move on.

Personally, I’m an extremely forgiving person and because of this it has hurt me in the past. I forgive people easily because I feel that people make mistakes and can grow from it. However, from past experiences being extremely forgiving has led to people stream rolling me.

Is it easy or hard for you to forgive?

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