The City and The City Response

I am not the biggest fan of reading so I was really disappointed when I found out I had to read a novel over break. Also, knowing this was  going to be a difficult read before even purchasing the book did not help. This novel was one of the most confusing and difficult reads I have encountered. It was still interesting though. The novel contained many words or phrases that I have never even heard of him, which makes comprehend what is happening very difficult. I also found it very difficult to remember the characters throughout the novel. The names were confusing and I just could not recall certain things in the novel due to the difficult vocabulary being used. I found the novel very interesting still though. The events happening intrigued me and some even surprised me. For example, the novel begins by Borlu talking about a dead women. So obviously I’m already confused about the beginning of the novel. Something I really liked about what Mieville did in the novel was all of the twists and turns it had. I was caught off guard and surprised throughout the reading. Something very significant in this reading would be the characters. The characters play a crucial role here, there’s a murderer, a person that plants a bomb, etc. The thing I disliked most about this novel would probably be its difficulty. I constantly had to reread words, sentences, and phrases throughout the novel to try and understand what it is trying to say. Rereading this novel will help a lot and make things clear for me. Overall, this novel was confusing, yet interesting, and I recommend it for anyone, especially if you are interested in difficult reads or murders and mysteries.

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  1. I aisles found the book extremely confusing, especially with the characters. I could not remember the characters and every time a new character was added I would get more confused. I also enjoyed the beginning of the nook as I feel it set the whole mood of the story. it starts off at the crime scene, describing the bloody, yet confusing death this woman went through. I feel the language was very difficult as well. I would have enjoyed it much more if it was an easier read, but I feel the difficult read was a good fit for the story and the style.

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