When someone asks you what a superhero is, what do you say? To me, a superhero isn’t someone who has powers or has super strength or something. A superhero is someone who helps those in need even if they do not have powers or super strength. Specifically, the superheroes I am referring to are social workers. I have recently learned in my intro to social work class that social workers are just like superheroes. A social workers is someone who helps individuals solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. For example, they help individuals who struggle with alcohol, drug use, people who are recovering from abuse, and other things. Social workers can also deal with children who need parents, homes, and help in any way. They can work in schools, hospitals, clinics, and other places. A social worker’s main goal is to promote human and community well-being. The profession of social work is committed to the pursuit of social justice, the enhancement of the quality of life, and the development of the full potential of each individual, group, and community in society. Social workers do as much as they can to help their clients and individuals. In my intro to social work class, we watched a Ted talk about what certain superpowers humans have. The main purpose of the video was to explain that she (the lady in the Ted talk) was a social worker and she was explaining how that was her superpower. Social workers have the power to make a change in the world and in people’s lives.

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to have superpowers or be a superhero. As I grew older though, I knew that it wasn’t realistic to believe that I was going to really have magical powers or super strength. I knew that I wanted to change the world and help though. I wanted to find a job or profession that could do these things, and I believe social work is that profession. Specifically, in the future, I would like to work with children or individuals that struggle with drugs and/or abuse. These topics have always interested me. I know I can somehow make a difference with these topics. I would like to help children find homes, or help them if their parents can not, and help certain individuals who can not help themselves due to drugs and abuse. In the future, I hope that my superpower will be that I am a social worker.

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