I am a part of three different intramural teams this semester. I play on two basketball teams and flag football. I play in an open league for one of the basketball teams and in the open league for flag football. Playing intramural sports is very fun, but also competitive. Playing for a team is a great way to also meet many different people. You can even create your own teams with your friends or join student organization intramural teams. The games for this semester all started this week. All three of the teams I played for lost this week sadly. In my men’s competitive basketball team, we lost by only five points though. We were down by twenty in the first half but managed to come back, but we could not finish it out. The men’s and women’s basketball team I play for suffered a terrible loss in our first game of the semester. We got mercy ruled. Being mercy ruled is when the referees of the game call it because the score is way too far apart and they feel that one team can no longer catch up or compete. The other team if I remember correctly beat us by forty points. Flag football would probably be my favorite team to be on. Last semester, our team made it all the way to the semifinals of the playoffs. Our first flag football game was very fun and competitive. We were down by eight points but Erik, our quarterback, threw an interception and ended our chance of tying the game.

I think if you are not on an intramural team then I highly recommend it. It is fun, you’re being active, and you get to meet a lot of people. There are so many options, teams, and sports you can pick from. There are volleyball, basketball, flag football, and soccer teams you can join. One of my favorite things about being on intramural teams is that it is all mostly for fun. Many people on teams do not even actually play the sport, but just join to have a good time. Intramural sports is probably one of my most favorite things in college.

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  1. I am actually interested in joining the volleyball intramural team not only to meet new people, but because I used to competitively play volleyball and, even though I got sick of it, I miss it. How often do you have games/ do you have to go to everyone? I want to play because I love the sport, but sometimes I am busy and probably can’t commit to it. That it why I am interested in intramural and not club because club is too committing. After being here as a freshman I can definitely say the freshman 15 is hitting me a little bit and I’m looking for a way to have fun and still be active besides my usual run, so I think an intramural sport would be perfect for me !

    1. Yeah, you do not have to be that committed when joining an intramural team. Games are only once a week. I know I am also on a volleyball team later on this semester. They will be on Wednesdays at either 9:30 or 10:30 PM. They are very fun and I really recommend that you join and play!

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