CCM Summit

This weekend, I attended a catholic conference for college students called CCM Summit. This was a very impactful and wonderful experience. This conference consists of all the college catholic campus ministries in the diocese of Richmond. There are hundreds of college students that attend this conference from a bunch of different schools in Virginia. We started the weekend off by going to a church and hearing a very impactful talk from one of the speakers and the bishop. The weekend consisted of many talks, music, and events. The conference is held right here in Richmond at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. This conference is also great because it is held at the same time as DYC which is the high school conference that is held at the same time and place. This weekend is just filled with a bunch of Catholic kids that just want to grow more in their faith. The second day of the retreat was also very exciting. We had more speakers that allowed us to retrieve many new information about being Catholic and to grow in our faith. Something I really liked about the conference was that I was able to meet new people and reconnect with my friends from other colleges and high school. The conference also allowed us to go to confession. If you did not know, confession is when you talk to a priest and confess your sins and you get them resolved. When you are done with confession, you will have one of the best feelings ever. You just feel like you have a brand new slate because you are completely clean after confession. All of the talks from the weekend were very good. My favorite talk would probably be the one that was given by Sean Forrest. He was not raised Catholic, but converted, he was at first an atheist, then followed Buddhism. He talked about his experiences on why he converted and how God has helped him throughout his entire life. My favorite thing about the conference would probably be adoration. Adoration is when the priest brings up the monstrance, which represents Jesus Christ. You would usually use this time to just reflect, pray, and let God talk to you. Many people respond to adoration in different ways. For example, some students would stand up, cry, kneel, or just stay completely silent. This weekend was very needed for me. It allowed me to get closer to God, which I felt like I was slowly getting distant. I can not wait to go to this conference again next year.

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