I love music. Music plays a big role in my life. I do not know how to play any instruments or make music, but having so much music around me all the time is amazing. Music is something I honestly think I need to function every day. I believe that I have my Airpods in my ears more than having nothing in my ears. Listening to music allows me to get lost in the song and just not have to worry about everything around me. There is also so many different kinds of music to listen to. Every single person can find a genre that suits their unique personality. There is jazz, rock, rap, pop, country, electric, soul, and many more. This is one of my favorite things about music. I basically listen to all kinds of music. If you were to play my entire song list on shuffle from Spotify, you would find all kinds of different songs. For example, you could be listening to Drake one minute, then Taylor Swift, then somehow Paramore, or Young Thug starts playing. Another thing why music is so special to me is because everyone can listen to whatever they want. Sometimes people will say that someone has bad taste in music, but I think their is no such thing as bad music. Yes, I can have songs or genres that I am not a fan of, but that does not mean it is bad. Something I do not like, someone does, and that is why music is special. Music is all based on people’s opinions and their is no such thing as bad music because what I dislike, someone believes is really good. Another thing I really like about music is making it. People can make music out of anything. Many people make music in studios, but as I am now living in Richmond, I noticed people can make music in interesting ways. When there is an event at the Altria Theater, there is always a group of men that make music out of hitting buckets and it is just amazing that they can make such good noise out of it. One more thing thing I love about music is that there is music and songs that can be played for whatever mood I am in. When I am sad, I will play some Drake, or when I am trying to hype myself up, I will play Shek Wes or Travis Scott. Music is universal and will always be important to me. I am just really glad I have music and Airpods to listen to music to.

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  1. I agree a lot with this blog. music helps me escape from the outside world. I always have music on no matter where I am. music is such a good escape that it helps me relax, I can’t even go to sleep until I listen to music. I also listen to all kinds of music, and the stories that they tell in the sings and in the music they create is so amazing to me.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post because it reminded me of one of my friends. He always listens to music 24/7. I could never find him without his headphones on or earbuds in. Even when I went to his house he had a speaker playing music throughout the whole house. It was a way for him to stay happy and keep his thoughts clear.

    It is interesting to me because I am sort of the opposite because I like to have silence when I am working most of the time. Music is great but sometimes I struggle with selecting the right music choice that I end up getting distracted.

    Great post.

  3. Ha ha ha ha, “what is your favorite song: Sick Mode or Mo Bamba?” I can relate heavily with this blog. I totally get lost in the music when I am listening to orbital resonance over lonely red skies. I feel your topic very relatable because I feel music is a integral part over everyone lives in our age group. One thing I love abut music is how it brings people together no matter race or background. My favorite genre is vaporwave. I love the creativity and aesthetics. What is your favorite genre?

  4. I feel the same way about music. anytime I’m stressed or working on I have music. while I’m walking, I listen to music. pretty much any time I’m doing something I’m listening to music. Also, anytime there is a show at Altria, I can hear the drumming group from my room. It is always interesting to listen to them and realize that they are only using buckets to perform. Music to me is also a great way to break the ice when talking to a stranger. You never know what people are interested in listening to. They could share the same favorite song or artist.

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