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Social media is most likely used by everyone that has access to internet. As time moves forward, social media is being used by younger and younger people. When I was a little kid, I never had social media. My free time would be used with playing outside, hanging out with friends, and just being active. In today’s society, people are glued to their phones. If someone had any spare time during the day, they would go straight to snapchat, instagram, facebook, etc.


How does social media affect us, the people who use it? As we are all in college, I can assume that the large majority of us use social media. It seems like we are on it religiously. Speaking for myself, I am on social media all the time. In between classes, I am scrolling through instagram, viewing people’s stories, and basically just wasting valuable time that could be used for more important things. We all procrastinate and social media just makes it way harder to not procrastinate. For example, and I am guilty of all of it, we scroll through our phones and look at memes for a long period of time when we can be doing homework or studying. Also, we keep streaks on snapchat that are basically useless but we think it’s so significant to keep and have a certain number, or keep certain people on our best friends list. As younger people, we seem to be glued to our phones because of all the things we can find with technology. There’s so much music, videos, games, etc that we can find on the internet. We lose track of time when browsing on our phones and we lose so much valuable time throughout the day due to social media.


Social media is not all bad or wasteful of time though. There are many pros to social media. Social media allows us to stay connected with people all around the world. We can understand what everyone is up to with their lives by seeing what they post, viewing their stories, etc. Also, social media now allows us to stay update with all new going on around the world. Every social media platform has pages or accounts that allows us to know what is going on with sports, politics, weather,etc. Lastly, many people have jobs that are based on social media. With the way the world and society is now, social media will never go away and we just need to be more aware of how and when we are using it.


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  1. I really like your topic of social media. It is sad to me that it’s something we can’t live without in this generation. I too didn’t have social media as a younger kid and loved the outdoors so much. My family would have to almost pull me and my cousins back inside at the end of the day after being out there for so long. Nowadays it’s the opposite, my younger cousins don’t even appreciate the outdoors at all. Its sad honestly and social media plays a huge role. It’s also the generation, like if I didn’t have social media I wouldn’t know about a lot of things that go on back home or around me. So I mean we truly can’t live without it at this point.

  2. I definitely agree with the information you mentioned. I have had the same encounters. I spend way TOO much time on my phone switching between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Each week my phone updates my on my screen time from the following week. I am ashamed that I spend that much time of the day on my phone. There are so much thing that I could be doing constructively rather than strolling through social media. That is something that I really need to work in. Also, I agree with that social media is not always a bad thing. There are many pros of social media. Often times, I find a lot of credible news through my social media accounts. For me, the problem is too much usage.

  3. I liked your blog and how you had the pros and cons of social media. Social media has changed since when we were all little. I liked how you talked about social media and how people procrastinate. People nowadays, use social media as a way to not have to do work. I liked how you mentioned that the pros of social media are connecting with other people around the world and people need social media for their jobs. I liked your message about social media and how you said to be more aware of when we use it. I agree with your message about how we need to limit our time on social media.

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