Spring Break

So after one class and an exam tomorrow, it is finally Spring Break. Spring break for me is always a great time. I have an entire week to do whatever I want. No classes, stress, Shafer and other foods I always eat, etc. Spring break allows me to gather myself for a little bit and be stress free for a short amount of time. This spring break is going to feel different than all of the other Spring Break’s I have had in the past. This is the first Spring Break for college. This will be the first time I am going home until Winter break. I am extremely excited. I will see my parents, friends, and be able to relax in my own home for a little bit. This Spring break will also be very fun for me.

My Spring break will be very eventful. I will be going back home to Virginia Beach Friday night and will completely not think about school for a bit. After relaxing, at home and reconnecting with my friends back home, I will be going to the Outer Bank with my friends at VCU. I am extremely excited for this. We will be spending four days in my friends beach house and be having a lot of fun. Hopefully not too much fun though (if you know you know 😉 ) After I get back from our Outer Banks trip, I will head back home for a little bit and relax. After I relax, I will head back to Richmond and get ready for classes to begin again.

Spring break is not always about relaxing or having fun though, there are some bad things that can come with it. During Spring break, many students use this time to go back to work back home so they can have money when they come back from Spring break. Also, some students still have assignments that are due during their break. Another down side to Spring break is getting back to your normal routine after break. I find it difficult going back to classes after a break. My sleep schedule is always messed up, I did not get caught up during break and now I am behind right after break, and many other things.

There are also many other things that students do during Spring break. I have several friends that do other things than go home, vacation, or just chill for a week. For example, some people can study abroad for a week during Spring break, which is extremely cool and very eventful. Also, I know several people that are using their Spring break to help other people . They are taking a trip to help people build houses in another State. There is so much to do with your time during Spring break. What are you doing this Spring Break?

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  1. I’m really glad that it is finally spring break! I think everyone can agree that break is really needed right now. Your break sounds like it’s going to be fun. I’m probably just going to be staying home during spring break, or going up to NOVA for one of the weekends with my family. I luckily do not have much work to do over spring break, so I am taking advantage of this time to just chill out and prepare for the second half of the semester. I hope that all of your plans turn out as well as they sound!

  2. I am one of those people who have to work on assignments over the break 🙁 I was planning on working the entire break to make some money, however, school is not letting up.
    I will at least not have to be on campus every single day and I will have some freedom to relax a little.
    Everyone needs that relaxation time, especially college students. When you go on for months and months grinding out schoolwork, and then waking up early to do it all over again, you become over exhausted.
    This can be very bad for your health, even to the point of having a medical emergency.
    So, please relax as much as possible before school gets back.

  3. I am also one of the people who have to work on assignments over break. I honestly wanted time to relax, but I don’t know if we’ll ever get a break anymore. I seriously admire that you are taking the time to relax and unwind we all deserve it. I am so over this honestly its super hard to stay motivated and I hope that we all are taking advantage of this time. I hope that we all finish the semester strong and that we have a relaxing break!

  4. I tend to enjoy breaks more now that I am at college compared to the ones I had during high school. I believe that most of us have had to work harder since we have gotten to college and breaks like this allow us take a breath. I agree with what you said about how it is hard to get back to school after breaks. I am already starting to think about what is due when I get back from break. I need to just take a breath and enjoy my break. I do not plan on going anywhere during spring break just like I planned. Usually when I do things over break, the break goes by a lot quicker than expected.

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