End of Spring Break

Spring break has come to an end and I am very sad about it. I spent my Spring break back home in Virginia Beach and in the Outer Banks. My Spring break was really fun with my friends and family. I was able to reconnect with a lot of my friends back home and spend a lot of time in OBX with my friends from VCU. Now that Spring break is drawing to a close, I have to prepare myself for classes again.

I have not logged onto blackboard in a while and just being logged on already made me stressed. I know that I will have to get back to the mindset I had before Spring break. I have to start doing assignments and studying again and it will be very difficult. My sleep schedule also changes during Spring break, which will affect me once I am back to school. During the break, I am always out and awake with my friends and I would sleep in very late. During this semester, I have morning classes everyday, so I have to get back to sleeping at a decent hour and waking up on time.

Another thing about this Spring break was that it feel extremely short. I guess time really does go by extremely fast when you are sleeping in and hanging out with friends the entire time. I feel like there was so much more I could have done during Spring break that would have prepared me for going back to school. There were definite lulls during break where I was not doing anything productive and I could have been doing school work or something. I did all of my assignments before I left for break so that was good. I really could have gotten way ahead of my work, but I just could not do anything over break due to how much fun I was having.

In conclusion, this Spring break was very amazing and memorable. It made me realize that time is short and you should be living life to the fullest. It made me realize that I have the greatest friends groups of all time and that they will always have my back no matter what. Do not take anything for granted, live life, but also do not procrastinate too much over break. Spring break 2019 was a movie and I can not wait for more memories throughout my life.

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  1. Wow, I totally agree that Spring Break really throws off the schedule we once had back at school. Its like you go from having all this fun to being back in school doing all this work. Now you have to fix your sleeping, eating, and working schedule because it was all out of wack during Spring Break. That’s so cool that you were able to go to the OXB I’ve never been, maybe I’ll be able to go next year. Spring break should have been longer I definitely agree with you, maybe like two weeks because I honestly did not want to come back. VCU is great and all but nothing beats being with family and friends back at home.

  2. I love how relateable this post was, I wish that;s how my spring break went. I hung out with some friends in those first couple of days we got back, but no matter what I was doing it was still in the back of my mind that I had homework I needed to complete. I definitely procrastinated, telling myself I would just do it the next day so I ended up barely finishing anything at all. It was like I was stressing myself out and not doing anything about it. My sleeping schedule is also messed up, so I’m hoping it will eventually go back to normal.

  3. I am from Chesapeake, Virginia, but I spend a lot of time in Virginia Beach because Sandbridge is my favorite place to be and its only 25 minutes from my house! I also go to the Outer Banks a lot because my grandparents live in a beach house down there! It was so cold over the break so I didn’t get a chance to go to the beach but I wish I did. I was stressing out about school the whole time, so you’re not the only one lol! The time changed has messed up my schedule so much. I slept so good at home and when I got back to school, I slept horrible!

  4. I couldn’t agree anymore. During my spring break Wasn’t thinking about doing any type of work. But soon enough spring break was over and I had a lot of work to do. It took me a few days to try and get back into say regular school schedule. But it’s all a mindset when it comes to scheduling. You know that you have school work and if you didn’t know then you know that you can check. I think just after having a week off everything just goes right out the window.

  5. Spring break does really throw everything off. It is so easy to get in the mindset of having fum, not doing any work, and staying up late and not getting up early for class. But it is so much harder to get in the mindset of getting to sleep early and studying to prepare for classes even though we are in school more than we are on break. It sounds like you had a great spring break though. I can relate to logging onto Blackboard and getting stressed out. I just wasn’t ready for break to end at all. It didn’t seem long enough, and it sucks because my best friend’s spring break started this week, so he keeps rubbing it in my face how his just started and my break is over :/

  6. I wish spring break was longer too. Unfortunately I caught a cod over break which made it hard for me to get out and do anything for a couple of days. I basically wasted my spring break in my room catching up on shows that I missed. Of course i procrastinated and acted like i had absolutely no work to do and now here i am stuck on a monday night doing the tons of homework that i should have knocked out over the break. Next year i will definitely make up for it though. I am going to make a point to do something more fun so that i can actually say i did something over break.

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