March Madness

I have always loved watching and playing sports. I played sports in high school and play a lot of intramural sports at VCU. As most of you probably know, the NCAA basketball tournament starts today. I am literally watching some of the games while writing this blog. This tournament is so entertaining to watch and I love every second of it. When I was younger, I did not really have anyone to cheer for since I did not represent any college or had people that went to a school that ever made the tournament. This year VCU is an eight seed and we play UCF in the first round. I know as a VCU student I should have pride and support our school to win the entire tournament, but it is hard with all of the talent the other schools have. For example, I have VCU beating UCF in the first round but I do not see us beating the one seed Duke in the round of 32. If you keep up with college basketball, I am sure you have heard of all the talent Duke has. Duke has arguably the top three picks for the upcoming NBA draft with Zion Williamson, RJ Barret, and Cam Reddish. Another reason why I love March Madness is the entire bracket making part of it. You can make brackets for whoever teams you think will win. You can compete with your friends and create groups to see who has the best bracket. I make several brackets and are in a few groups with different people. The reason I love this part is because my friends always make a punishment to whoever has the worst bracket in the group.

Now that I am at VCU, and am surrounded by many students and a great college atmosphere, the tournament is much more special. Everyone is cheering for there schools and it is justĀ  a great sight to see. Though I do not think VCU will pull it out to win the tournament, I still have my VCU pride and will be cheering for them no matter what I put in my bracket. Probably my favorite thing about March Madness and the NCAA tournament is just getting together with my friends and watching the games. The games are so entertaining to watch because every game is a win or go home situation. The games are fun to watch especially if the game is close. Some games will have amazing dunks, shots, and can end in game winners. I hope you all can watch some of the games and will be as entertained as I am.

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  1. It’s very interesting to read your blog. I am not interested in many sports, including basketball. When I heard my classmates talking about brackets or ranks, I was just confused. I also thought it was weird that people were watching the tournaments during class yesterday. However, seeing people getting so worked up over March Madness, makes those not interested also excited. I know that in my dorm that there will be dozens of viewing parties. people like me who aren’t interested in basketball will still have fun because we all have VCU pride. Students will be cheering even if they have no idea what is going on.

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