Today, I feel like talking about how different it is from living in Virginia to back when I live in the Philippines.  I was born in the Philippines and did not move to Virginia until I was four. I have only been back to the Philippines twice since moving and have not been back since 2010. Virginia and the Philippines are very different from each other.

The culture of the two places are nothing alike. The cultures were so different that when I moved to Virginia and began going to school here, I completely forgot the Tagalog language from when I was little. English was not my first language and being away from the culture of the Philippines made me completely forget how to speak the language though I can understand some of it when my parents speak it to me. There are many other cultural differences between the two places. The weather is very different in the Philippines. The Philippines is always warm and has what we call typhoon season. Many islands in the Philippines during this time get completely destroyed. Most of us know the weather in Virginia is really bipolar, but it is nothing like the Philippines. The foods, music, and just entire way of life in the Philippines is much different than here in Virginia. The Philippines has a lot of street foods. For example, I would eat things such as Balot, which is goat egg, or Puto which is a dessert type treat that is very common in the Philippines. The way I dressed in the Philippines was way different than how I dress now. Though I was just little, even the times I went back I would always wear shorts and sandals, I hardly ever wear shoes in the Philippines because not a lot of people wear shoes there. A significant piece of clothing in the Philippines is the Barong. This is a usually used for men for weddings are more formal events. In America, there isn’t really anything special like this for clothing. We can pretty much wear whatever we please.

Though I really miss the Philippines and would love to go back, I would prefer Virginia over it any day. My dad’s side of the family lives mostly in the United States, while my mom’s family is mostly all in the Philippines. I feel like I have grown more American since living here and just would not fit in as well as I would have in the Philippines since I did not grow up there. I would not be able to handle the heat or the drastic cultural changes. I will always have love for the Philippines no matter what. The Philippines and Virginia will always be my homes.

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  1. My mom is actually from the Philippines and moved to Virginia when she was 14. She has told me a lot about the cultural differences between the two places and it very similar to what you said. I think it’s great that you still have the opportunity to travel back to the Philippines and still get to visit family and learn more about the culture. I am planning to visit the Philippines in 2021 for a month with my mom and family because she has not been able to go back since she left many years ago. There’s a Filipino organization here at VCU called FACT that I’m a part of and I wonder if you’ve heard of it or are already a member.

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