Time. What should we do with it?

My time is something that is very precious to me. Time is something we can never get back. With that being said, I hate it when people waste my time. Unlike some people, I really like to be productive. A lot of people out there love just sitting inside and watching Netflix or whatever and do not really do anything productive. I am the complete opposite of that. When I am not in classes, or doing any school work, I am always doing something productive. You can usually see me at Cary St gym working out, playing basketball, or playing in an intramural game. Being active is something very important to me. I try to be as healthy as possible. Another thing I like to do with my time is to hang out with friends. Outside of school, stress, exams, and all of that, everyone has to make time for a social life. Usually my friends and I, just hang out in Monroe Park, the rooftop of The Square, or lounge in one of their apartments. Hanging out with my friends is very important to me because with all the stress college can bring, I know my friends can always make me laugh and smile through it all.

When you are in college, there is always something to do with your time. There are so many student organizations you can join or just attend their events. For example, the beginning of Fall semester, I wanted to get involved and I just attended one of the FACT events even though I did not know anyone in it at the time. When in college, I think it is very important to put yourself out there and make connections. This will allow you to make new friends, get invited to events, and just be more productive with your time.

Something I stated earlier was that I do not like it when people waste my time. There are several ways a person can waste my time. Usually if I am not enjoying myself or having a good time, then I look at that situation as time being wasted. Also, there are times when you talk to certain people and they end up wasting your time. For me, the best way I allow myself to not bring people into my life that will waste my time is to keep my circle small. I have a good amount of friends, but little people I truly trust and I know they will not waste my time for anything. In conclusion, there is so much to do in college. Be active, productive, make friends, join things, and do not allow people to waste your time.

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  1. People wasting my time is one of my pet peeves I hate it. being productive is much better and when people take that away from you if makes me mad cause time is so valuable. I live every minute like it may be my last and I always have and I don’t want people wasting it.

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