Freshman Year

As we all know, this semester is coming to an end. It is currently April 10th and we have under a month until the semester ends. I honestly do not know how this year went by so fast. It is unbelievable. It seems like just yesterday, I was moving into my dorm. This year was very fun and enjoyable. I have no regrets or problems with my first year of college.

I have learned many valuable things in my freshman year of college here at VCU. You have to always be productive and use your time wisely. As a freshman, we are all mostly taking our gen ed classes, which are generally easier than the classes we will be taking in the future. With this being said, we have to make sure we are still keeping up with everything and not pushing our studies to the side for other things. I have learned that life in college will be a lot easier if you keep a tight group with you. You have to have those close friends that you can talk to and do things with because it will make things a lot easier. I have great friends by my side that I have gone through this entire year with, and I couldn’t be more happy with them by my side. Another things about my freshman year is that it was an absolute blast. I was very involved this year and had so much fun. I was always out with friends, going to the gym, playing sports, and many other things, all while keeping up with my schoolwork. I can honestly say that I have no complaints about my first year of college.

Though my first year was very fun, there were some downsides to it. There were points of the year where I missed home. During stressful times of the semester, such as finals, you really start missing home and just not want to do the whole thing college thing for a while. Also, college is even more expensive than I thought. I struggle to enjoy myself sometimes because of the lack of money in my bank account. It is ok though because the semester is ending and I can work a lot during the Summer. Another downside to freshman year is the end of it. As for me, I will be living somewhere off campus with my friends and findingĀ  a place is very difficult. We’ve found a lot of places, but it is very difficult to get a place because so many other people are interested in the places as well. Though, I faced these downsides, freshman year was still super fun and memorable.

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