The semester is quickly coming to end, which I am extremely excited for. After the last few classes, tests, exams, means only one thing. Summer vacation!! I am beyond excited for my first year of college to be over with. Not because I hated it or I want to leave Richmond or VCU, but there is just no time better than Summer time.

Summer vacation is always undefeated. It is time that all students need. After a long school year whether it is high school or college, everyone needs the Summer. There is so much to do during the Summer time. People go out of town for vacation, go home, work, and so much more. This is my first Summer as a college student though and it will be a lot different than when I was in high school. Usually during Summer vacation when I was in high school, I would just stay home in Virginia Beach, work, and go out of town for a couple of weeks with family or friends. Another reason why I love Summer time is the weather. It is always warm which means I can always be outdoors and dress in light clothes. Since I live in Virginia Beach, there is so much to do. I always hang out with friends and go to the beach or just find something else to do.

As for this Summer, I plan on working a lot. My last final exam is on May 7, and I plan on moving out of GRC right after and going back home to Virginia Beach. To start the Summer off, I am going to the Outer Banks with my friends. After this, I most likely will not see a lot of my VCU friends until August. When I get back home from OBX, I plan on working a lot. I will be working two jobs over the Summer. Usually I would not work myself this hard, but due to college being so expensive and having to pay for rent next school year, I need all of the money I can get. When I am not working, I will be using that time to be with my friends and family. Whether we are just spending time in the house or we go out and do things, I can never hate spending time with these people.

In conclusion, Summer time will always be amazing. It is a time for relaxation, being stress free, working, and however else you would describe it. This semester can not end fast enough because I can not wait for Summer time. How do you feel about the Summer and what do you plan on doing?

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  1. I can’t wait for summer either. I’ve always thought that people are automatically in a better mood if the weather is nice and that’s one of the reasons that I personally love summer. Everyone is just living nice and so happy. I’m living down here in the city during summer since I only live 20 minutes away and my rent starts in June. I can’t wait to be down here with all of my friends and go to the beach and on vacations. This summer is much needed!

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