I love music. Music plays a big role in my life. I do not know how to play any instruments or make music, but having so much music around me all the time is amazing. Music is something I honestly think I need to function every day. I believe that I have my Airpods in my ears more than having nothing in my ears. Listening to music allows me to get lost in the song and just not have to worry about everything around me. There is also so many different kinds of music to listen to. Every single person can find a genre that suits their unique personality. There is jazz, rock, rap, pop, country, electric, soul, and many more. This is one of my favorite things about music. I basically listen to all kinds of music. If you were to play my entire song list on shuffle from Spotify, you would find all kinds of different songs. For example, you could be listening to Drake one minute, then Taylor Swift, then somehow Paramore, or Young Thug starts playing. Another thing why music is so special to me is because everyone can listen to whatever they want. Sometimes people will say that someone has bad taste in music, but I think their is no such thing as bad music. Yes, I can have songs or genres that I am not a fan of, but that does not mean it is bad. Something I do not like, someone does, and that is why music is special. Music is all based on people’s opinions and their is no such thing as bad music because what I dislike, someone believes is really good. Another thing I really like about music is making it. People can make music out of anything. Many people make music in studios, but as I am now living in Richmond, I noticed people can make music in interesting ways. When there is an event at the Altria Theater, there is always a group of men that make music out of hitting buckets and it is just amazing that they can make such good noise out of it. One more thing thing I love about music is that there is music and songs that can be played for whatever mood I am in. When I am sad, I will play some Drake, or when I am trying to hype myself up, I will play Shek Wes or Travis Scott. Music is universal and will always be important to me. I am just really glad I have music and Airpods to listen to music to.

CCM Summit

This weekend, I attended a catholic conference for college students called CCM Summit. This was a very impactful and wonderful experience. This conference consists of all the college catholic campus ministries in the diocese of Richmond. There are hundreds of college students that attend this conference from a bunch of different schools in Virginia. We started the weekend off by going to a church and hearing a very impactful talk from one of the speakers and the bishop. The weekend consisted of many talks, music, and events. The conference is held right here in Richmond at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. This conference is also great because it is held at the same time as DYC which is the high school conference that is held at the same time and place. This weekend is just filled with a bunch of Catholic kids that just want to grow more in their faith. The second day of the retreat was also very exciting. We had more speakers that allowed us to retrieve many new information about being Catholic and to grow in our faith. Something I really liked about the conference was that I was able to meet new people and reconnect with my friends from other colleges and high school. The conference also allowed us to go to confession. If you did not know, confession is when you talk to a priest and confess your sins and you get them resolved. When you are done with confession, you will have one of the best feelings ever. You just feel like you have a brand new slate because you are completely clean after confession. All of the talks from the weekend were very good. My favorite talk would probably be the one that was given by Sean Forrest. He was not raised Catholic, but converted, he was at first an atheist, then followed Buddhism. He talked about his experiences on why he converted and how God has helped him throughout his entire life. My favorite thing about the conference would probably be adoration. Adoration is when the priest brings up the monstrance, which represents Jesus Christ. You would usually use this time to just reflect, pray, and let God talk to you. Many people respond to adoration in different ways. For example, some students would stand up, cry, kneel, or just stay completely silent. This weekend was very needed for me. It allowed me to get closer to God, which I felt like I was slowly getting distant. I can not wait to go to this conference again next year.


I am a part of three different intramural teams this semester. I play on two basketball teams and flag football. I play in an open league for one of the basketball teams and in the open league for flag football. Playing intramural sports is very fun, but also competitive. Playing for a team is a great way to also meet many different people. You can even create your own teams with your friends or join student organization intramural teams. The games for this semester all started this week. All three of the teams I played for lost this week sadly. In my men’s competitive basketball team, we lost by only five points though. We were down by twenty in the first half but managed to come back, but we could not finish it out. The men’s and women’s basketball team I play for suffered a terrible loss in our first game of the semester. We got mercy ruled. Being mercy ruled is when the referees of the game call it because the score is way too far apart and they feel that one team can no longer catch up or compete. The other team if I remember correctly beat us by forty points. Flag football would probably be my favorite team to be on. Last semester, our team made it all the way to the semifinals of the playoffs. Our first flag football game was very fun and competitive. We were down by eight points but Erik, our quarterback, threw an interception and ended our chance of tying the game.

I think if you are not on an intramural team then I highly recommend it. It is fun, you’re being active, and you get to meet a lot of people. There are so many options, teams, and sports you can pick from. There are volleyball, basketball, flag football, and soccer teams you can join. One of my favorite things about being on intramural teams is that it is all mostly for fun. Many people on teams do not even actually play the sport, but just join to have a good time. Intramural sports is probably one of my most favorite things in college.


When someone asks you what a superhero is, what do you say? To me, a superhero isn’t someone who has powers or has super strength or something. A superhero is someone who helps those in need even if they do not have powers or super strength. Specifically, the superheroes I am referring to are social workers. I have recently learned in my intro to social work class that social workers are just like superheroes. A social workers is someone who helps individuals solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. For example, they help individuals who struggle with alcohol, drug use, people who are recovering from abuse, and other things. Social workers can also deal with children who need parents, homes, and help in any way. They can work in schools, hospitals, clinics, and other places. A social worker’s main goal is to promote human and community well-being. The profession of social work is committed to the pursuit of social justice, the enhancement of the quality of life, and the development of the full potential of each individual, group, and community in society. Social workers do as much as they can to help their clients and individuals. In my intro to social work class, we watched a Ted talk about what certain superpowers humans have. The main purpose of the video was to explain that she (the lady in the Ted talk) was a social worker and she was explaining how that was her superpower. Social workers have the power to make a change in the world and in people’s lives.

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to have superpowers or be a superhero. As I grew older though, I knew that it wasn’t realistic to believe that I was going to really have magical powers or super strength. I knew that I wanted to change the world and help though. I wanted to find a job or profession that could do these things, and I believe social work is that profession. Specifically, in the future, I would like to work with children or individuals that struggle with drugs and/or abuse. These topics have always interested me. I know I can somehow make a difference with these topics. I would like to help children find homes, or help them if their parents can not, and help certain individuals who can not help themselves due to drugs and abuse. In the future, I hope that my superpower will be that I am a social worker.

The City and The City Response

I am not the biggest fan of reading so I was really disappointed when I found out I had to read a novel over break. Also, knowing this was  going to be a difficult read before even purchasing the book did not help. This novel was one of the most confusing and difficult reads I have encountered. It was still interesting though. The novel contained many words or phrases that I have never even heard of him, which makes comprehend what is happening very difficult. I also found it very difficult to remember the characters throughout the novel. The names were confusing and I just could not recall certain things in the novel due to the difficult vocabulary being used. I found the novel very interesting still though. The events happening intrigued me and some even surprised me. For example, the novel begins by Borlu talking about a dead women. So obviously I’m already confused about the beginning of the novel. Something I really liked about what Mieville did in the novel was all of the twists and turns it had. I was caught off guard and surprised throughout the reading. Something very significant in this reading would be the characters. The characters play a crucial role here, there’s a murderer, a person that plants a bomb, etc. The thing I disliked most about this novel would probably be its difficulty. I constantly had to reread words, sentences, and phrases throughout the novel to try and understand what it is trying to say. Rereading this novel will help a lot and make things clear for me. Overall, this novel was confusing, yet interesting, and I recommend it for anyone, especially if you are interested in difficult reads or murders and mysteries.

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