Morbid excess sex distinction

Our society has set strict and confining gender roles for women and men. We all know what or what not to wear based on our gender. Our names, clothing, body  language, and other obvious norm all help to depict which gender we belong to. Now adays, those norms are taken to the extreme. Men want more “manly” bodies and women either want more voluptuous bodies or extremely thin body types. People will go to extreme lengths to get their ideal body types instead of just accepting who they naturally are.

Gilman’s view is that people are alienated from the economy because of gender. We see this implemented throughout society everyday. Stay at home mothers are a great example. While some women see this as a privilege others may not be so willing to take  the position. I can only image a woman who has a strict husband that suggests she not work and to stay at home with the children all the time. That would be like a prison and she would definitely feel alienated. I think our society is starting to be mroe open-minded about gender roles and becoming more accepting of other’s  who defy them as well.


One thought on “Morbid excess sex distinction”

  1. I do believe that society is becoming more open; however, we definitely still experience that role restriction. It’s definitely difficult, in that there are still those expectations of what a wife is to do and how a husband is to express his success. Even as the society changes, we look at what we are comparing the changing society to, and how to keep it fairly similar. Do you think society will still want to keep some of its tradition even in the role switch?

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