These hoes aint loyal

Misogyny is the dislike, distrust, or ingrained prejudice of women. Our culture has accepted misogynistic ideals for far too long, and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon.

A popular hiphop song by Chris Brown tittled, Loyal or (These hoes aint loyal) is a great example of how our society not only degrades women, but openly expresses ¬†and promotes misogynistic ideals. The song’s lyrics go on to describe women as disloyal and untrustworthy all while calling them hoes.

The fact that such a song became a hit record, and was created by someone who actually abused a woman (Rihanna) goes to show just how blind our culture is to the degradation of women.

Songs like this openly promote an ingrained prejudice for women. Children growing up in this society are exposed to these catchy songs and accept the lyrics as a way of thinking and they often aspire to emulate them as well. This of course leads to high sexual and domestic violence rates, harassment, and the continuous promotion of prejudice against women.


6 thoughts on “These hoes aint loyal”

  1. I really like your example. I think it is really important to point out how social media plays a crucial role in promoting larger societies’ believes such as misogyny. The even better connection or more disturbing one is how Brown is the one to sing this. I completely agree with you in how we listen to songs by men who physically abuse their girlfriends and then sing songs basically supporting his previous actions. It really is disturbing and incredible that as a society we continue to allow this message to be supported.

  2. wow. This is a really good example that I had never thought of before. I guess the misogyny is so common in out culture that I didn’t even connect that these hit songs are contributors. It makes sense though, they call them hoes and B**** while saying they cant be trusted.
    I really liked how you connected this particular song to the artist’s abusive history towards women. His attitude towards women comes through in his music, which is celebrated. This only perpetuates his along with many other men’s ideals.

  3. I think what is worse then using this example, is that even I as a women find the song catchy. You are right, it has been engrained in our culture so well that sometimes we just say “Oh hey its just a song, with a good beat”. It seems like many people have forgotten that Chris Brown beat his girlfriend. And the assumption from the lyrics made on all women being hoes is just degrading. It’s making it out to make women’s worth link, to “providing” for a man.

  4. I actually have guy friends who indulge in misogynistic humor. On one hand, they’re these big tough guys, it’s all in good humor, they crush their beers and laugh and stuff over campfires. None of them would actually do anything harmful to a woman, but at the same time, it kind of speaks to how deeply engrained culture can make certain notions. Even if a guy wouldn’t ever touch a woman in any way, he can still enjoy jokes that degrade women, thus propagating the ideology.

  5. This is a great example. Entertainment media plays a huge role in our society and misogynist ideas have long been embedded in. I remember Eminem used to take pride in being a women hater but then he went about to write a music about domestic violence. But when he was initially starting off, a majority of his lyrics was about hating and degrading women. It makes me wonder that if his misogynist attitude made him popular because once he was successful he wrote stuff about women being abused and not leaving, also apologizing to his mother for his harsh words against her.

  6. first and foremost, your title made me cackle. I know it isn’t funny, but it was so funny. Anyway, I really enjoy your example too. I constantly think about the music we’re exposed to, in more genres than just pop, even country has these incredibly sexist and misogynistic impressions.

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