Post-structuralism focuses on language itself. Language is ‘self referential’ not a symbol of an objective reality. Foucault says that language does not have true meaning. He also says that the social world is interpretations of interpretations of interpretations. He explains that language/texts are embedded in the self and the body; human subjectivity is therefore understood through language/text. He says that we are nothing without meaning given to us through language/text.

Chris Rock recently stated that he’s decided not to perform his comedy shows on college campuses anymore. He says that people on campus get offended by his jokes. I think Foucault would say that the reason people get offended is because people have different interpretations of language. Some people may get offended and other people may not because of their specific interpretation of the jokes. Language has different meanings to people.

I can see why Chris wouldn’t want to perform on college campuses and offend anyone. He says that people there are picky about not offend people. I think people on college campuses are also more aware of not offending people so that would also add to why they may not want Chris Rock to perform there either.

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