Blog post 2

  1. Topics covered in weeks 6-10 relate to each other because social-emotional learning, emotional resilience, mindfulness, and positive relationships all deal with aspects of our lives that are life skills that aren’t necessarily taught in school but are important in having a non stressful life. Dealing with our emotions is very important because they influence everything we do, by how we feel.
  2. Through everything i’ve learned in this class it’s reinforced the notion that we should work to accept everyone, even ourselves and our mistakes or people who have wronged us, and move forward with things we can change for the better and try to accept and move on from things we cannot.
  3. I’ve tried yoga classes at the gym for the first time, this semester. It was amazing! I go almost every day now. I really enjoy our morning meditation sessions, and try to be more mindful with everything I do.  I try to practice meditation daily as well.
  4. I try to be more like the lotus: water repellent even as I float in a pool of water. I try to let the stress of the world roll right off my back, as I know I have the tools to get through it in a cohesive, respectful manner and keep my composure.  That is liberation.

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