Inquiry Project Blog Assignment 1: I am an Instagrammer and i am proud.


I am an Instagrammer, I love the idea of taking pointless selfies and taking pictures of food that didn’t actually taste all that great and sharing it to the world. I like appearing on people’s newsfeeds and racking up a bunch of likes because maybe it is filling that empty space of achieving popularity that I lacked in high school.

Maybe, I like the fact that past exes can take a look at my pictures and let them see how my life is playing out after that horrid break up. Speaking of breakups, one of my peers, Symone, had a story about how Instagram became a sort of outlet after her breakup.

Maybe, I am like everyone else, showing the world that I am having the time of my life, when really; I’ve been battling with depression. Again, Symone, validates my statement, this whole idea behind showing others that you are doing something with your life and to show others that you are strong and not letting something like a breakup get you down. All the while, each post is hiding our true feelings.

That is what gets me thinking, how many individuals out there is also using Instagram as a means to prove to others that they are trying to get over some unfortunate situation. Who else is living this illusion? What if Instagram is an illusion in its self?

I really appreciate Symone’s honesty about her relationship with Instagram, especially in her statement “The charade itself was getting tiring that I started to pretend to go out. I would just slip on a dress, get pretty, and snap a picture. Before classes, I would ask my roommates to take a pictures of me that gave the appearance I was going to the gym which in reality I hardly worked out.”, again it makes me think how many other people have been doing that.

I use to get envious of college students and past high school students who looked like they were having the time of their life but as I sat here thinking about Instagram, it really is to show off to others. All those people who are posting to get followers or likes or to show off to others are just as miserable as those who crave followers, those who don’t have many friends, and those who can’t go out as often.

But then I think, maybe I like sharing photos because a part of me is afraid that I will forget these memories. Not that I want to and not saying these memories were not worthwhile, what I am saying is that we tend to memorize tragic and unfortunate events like they are more important than the time we spent with our loved ones.

I see celebrities post pictures of wood shavings and get 45678 likes, where as I posted a really great shot of my plate of food, and got 20.

What I am saying is that being an Instagrammer has lately become more about getting as much followers as possible and “likes” as possible, just so that we can feel accepted that we are for once doing things right.

Lately, Instagram has become a job. We have to pose in certain positions or use certain lighting and pretend we are using no filter just to get the satisfaction of others. We have to upload at a certain time and use only a few hashtags, so it doesn’t look like we are desperate for “likes”.

I notice that when I try to make a photo “Instagram worthy”, those produce likes. When I post a photo because I wanted to share what I did that day, those photos typically get fewer likes.

Suddenly everyone is a photographer and everyone is taking pictures for this social media site that was once just to share photos to the world and to connect with others. Now it is a social media site that seems to be more about gaining acceptance in what you are sharing.

Although Instagram frustrates me…..

I am an Instagrammer because I am into photography and I am majoring in creative advertising. Visuals and concepts are my life. Instagram gives me inspiration and motivation to take on more experiences and live life to its fullest, taking every opportunity possible, so that I can share my story with others. Maybe I don’t have a smile on my face 24/7 and I am not hanging out with my friends every day, but by having an Instagram I am showing others and myself that I am finally putting the life back into my life.

I am an Instagrammer because I love individuality and I love the way visuals and photos stimulate me. No one has my photos and I can share a bit of my life and I can control what I share with people.

I love Instagram because I feel like I am a part of something, a part of a community of individuals sharing with the world, expressing themselves. Maybe some are sharing for the wrong reasons and maybe some people are looking for “Instagram Fame” but whatever the reason, they are expressing themselves and sharing nonetheless and I think that’s pretty amazing.

Another one of my peers, Katie, talks about her love for Instagram, which also validates what I said about wanting to feel a part of something. She is a theatre major, so she feels a part of the theatre major community on Instagram. She loves looking at pictures from all over the world and being able to see what old friends are up to without asking. That’s the beauty of social media, we can connect in levels that were once not possible.

I have a short story to share. It is quite embarrassing actually. A couple of weeks ago I took a selfie and posted it on Instagram and I posted it at a time that I knew most of my main “likers” were not on. So I posted the picture and I only got 12 likes. So then I was surprised and a little embarrassed, so I took it down and re-uploaded it a few hours later and I then got 23 likes (Okay I know what you are thinking…but can you blame me). Not only is this embarrassing because people who previously liked and seen the picture were really confused but it also validates my statement that there is a certain trick and system to Instagram in achieving likes.

So maybe I am conforming to society and wanting to gain acceptance, but we all do sometimes, even on stuff such as social media. However, it isn’t my main focus, I post pictures because I love picture taking, it is a hobby of mine, and although it is frustrating that sometimes my 336 followers don’t double tap my photos, I’m still going to continue sharing to the world and to myself. (Even if that means to re-upload for more likes…..just kidding).

Moreover, I wanted to reflect back on what both Symone and Katie posted about Instagram. Both are true, sometimes Instagram is an illusion, something that fools the world and most importantly, fools you. But then Instagram gives this fantastic ability to follow celebrities, people around the world and gives you inspiration. Social media all depends on how you use it and even though I am a fan of Instagram, I need to take a step back. I need to realize that I want to have experiences because I want to have them and they don’t always have to be shown on Instagram. Sometimes it is better to maybe share your experience in person and to tell a story. I want to start to live life and see it with my two eyes instead of one eye pressed against the lens.

(links to both of there Rampages can be clicked)


(Here is another doodle explaining my relationship with Instagram…..did I mention I liked to draw?)


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4 Responses to “Inquiry Project Blog Assignment 1: I am an Instagrammer and i am proud.”

  1. August 3, 2014 at 11:56 pm #

    Nice post, had a good read!

  2. June 15, 2014 at 2:44 pm #

    What a manifesto, of sorts, for your life as an Instagrammer! I love how you integrate the other blogs — the others “out there” (who just happen to be in our section) who also Instagram. There’s something kind of wonderful seeing how all three of you (and Imelda too — maybe others, I haven’t read all of your posts yet) use the same social media platform. Your honesty, and your respect for your peer’s honesty, is so refreshing in a piece of writing!

    My niece and her boyfriend use the phrase “instagram hour” to indicate their best times for posting to get the most likes. It kind of baffled me that they knew this much about their audience (this is a writer skill — to KNOW your audience). And it seems you know the same thing.

    My sons always tell me I would love Instagram, because I love photography. But not many people in my age group use Instagram. I think: well who would be my audience? Audience is so important in social media. It’s important in this class too — an open course, where your blog is aggregated and can potentially be see by so many. All of you thinking about how you use social media. It’s kind of exciting to have such a large, potential audience.

    This is a wonderful post!

  3. June 13, 2014 at 3:56 pm #



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