Partial Draft Assignment: Instagram

Instagram, the underlying source that has captured the minds of most of the youth, from its variety of popular filters to its easy three second upload of endless selfies and pretty shots of landmarks; Instagram has this ability to turn our lives into a picture perfect story book. The basis of Instagram emphasizes picture taking but not just any picture taking, pictures that are “Instagram worthy”, meaning bright, colorful, meaningful, and a potential for a lot of “likes”. Instagram also has a caption/comment limit of twenty-four hundred words and usually contains beautiful song lyrics, meaningful quotes, a list of unrelated hashtags, and/or even a small description behind each photo. However, behind the glitz and glam of having a thousand followers and people looking as if they having the time of their life, lies the intricacies of why individuals really use social media and how that has cultivated society. Lately, it has seem that social media sites such as Instagram or Twitter has been more for “showing off” rather than its true purpose which is communication, connection, and relationship building.

Many researches such as Jessica Winter, who is the author of, Selfie-Loathing: Instagram is even more depressing than Facebook. Here’s why, explored the relationship between people and social media use as well as the two types of relationships that people have with social media. She, along with most researchers believes that there is in fact a linkage between social media use and low self-esteem. The longer you spend on social media, the more you are vulnerable to comparing and contrasting your life in a way that is destructive to not only yourself but to society as well. However, it is not necessarily social media per say that is the concern, rather, it is the individuals themselves that are taking everything seen and read at face value. Almost as if we are living for the satisfaction of others rather than the satisfaction from ourselves and that is not living at all.

Why exploring the motives behind social media users and its impact on society is such a crucial concern is because we live in an age in which social media and technology is used in every aspect of the world, whether that is through business to the classroom setting, social media is becoming a societal norm. The concern lays not so much that social media causes depression or anxiety, rather pinpointing where the motives behind the users are and whether or not we can use those motives to positively impact society.  I wanted to explore past validating that sites such as FaceBook and Instagram are one of the leading causes of self-esteem and anxiety issues. I wanted to explore why average people use social media and how that has impacted there self and there surrounding environment. Exploring the motives of social media users is so complex in that everyone has a motive that is to his or her liking and to say that social media leads to depression makes me want to investigate the psychological aspect of the basic Instagram user.

Although, there is much speculation that social media may have nothing to do with a lowered self-esteem or this feeling of emptiness; just based on my personal experience and own social media use, I even found myself cringing and getting sad over pictures that I see of my friends. Moreover, whether or not individuals agree or disagree that social media can lead to depression, I believe that our focus should be on the psychological investigation of the basic Instagram user and whether or not our findings there can help us impact society in a way that is beneficial, powerful, and life changing.


I believe that the motives behind Instagram users is one that is complex as it goes beyond basic connecting to friends and family, rather I think that there are several types of motives each with this common theme of acceptance. Whether that is of gaining the satisfaction of peers, self-acceptance or gaining overall societal acceptance, the motives behind Instagram users has a lot to do with sharing to others. Everyone wants to fit in because that is basic human nature, however, what I also believe is that it is not necessarily a negative aspect to use Instagram as a means for others, rather, I think the motives behind Instagram users has the ability to inspire, motivate, and give perspective on life to a society that is already so image driven.

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  1. August 19, 2014 at 12:04 am #

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  2. July 20, 2014 at 8:41 am #

    Start first sentence with From it’s variety of… (omit first part). I love the first sentence being about how the APP works to create story-like life. Maybe a full paragraph on this — the actual features of the APP. (even the names of the filters are interesting to me). HOW the APP itself is DESIGNED to create a story-like, nostalgic, or whatever words you want to use — how the filters change the photo, helping the user to “create” a false lens for life. This is fascinating and you need to spend some time really fleshing this out. You write for a reader who is an Instagrammer — but remember, some of your online readers will not be users. Analyzing the app’s features itself be very interesting.

    What exactly does the “selfie-loathing” author say? Why are “selfies” the cause for self-esteem issues? I’m not making that link, at least in what you’ve given us here.

    So the research bascially agrees that social media correlates to low self-esteem? Do any researchers deny this or prove differently? Make sure you give us a broad scope of the research.

    Try you claim this way: While I acknowledge that Instagram can be (positive etc), I claim that it……

    Are you focusing more on the problematic impacts? It appears you are in your claim as written. Also, is your focus on MOTIVES of users — and if so, doesn’t that need to be part of your claim? So motives are problematic, (but doesn’t the app’s features actually encourage some of these motives?) — as are impacts.

    Also, your Instagram story belongs in this piece. Also — some evidence from your Instagram (or if not yours — any others “out there”) would help personalize this project as well!

    Great start. Lots of wonderful potential here! Trust your voice and your ability to analyze!

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