who i admire.

There have been so many important role models I have had in my life. Most have been famous actors or singers – mainly artists that I believe are very talented. Besides my admiration for their jobs, I also paid attention to their heart and what they believed in. Honestly, if someone famous does not have a nice personality and a good way of thinking, I can not be a fan of theirs.

The first person that comes to mind when I think about who a good role model would be is Tom Hanks. My mother would have family movie nights where she picked out a movie she thought me and my siblings would enjoy. One of those movies happened to be Big. Tom Hanks had the lead role in this film where he was an actual 12 year old boy stuck in an adult’s body. I believe he is a very versatile actor as he has made so many amazing movies, mostly comedies, with the occasional serious role (Saving Private Ryan is the first that comes to mind) and he has a truly genuine heart to make people smile and find the joys in life. He is a really good person to look up to, and if I ever have children, his movies are going to be the ones I have them watch… it will just be Toy Story, don’t worry for my kids.

I have not been a fan of this man for a long time, but I can tell the amount of love he has for life and the industry is beyond imaginable. Jim Carrey has made movies that I would always watch to cheer myself up when I was in the darkest time of my life. Although he has a very confusing way of getting into all of his roles, his films always come out to be very entertaining. His movie The Mask had to have been the first film of his I saw. It was playing on the television one day and I was completely hooked. His twitter is really cool too, he creates art that have very big messages behind them.

Another artist I had been sort of recently introduced to is miss Ariana Grande. I listened to her in high school for a bit, but my admiration really started to grow on her was over the summer after my high school graduation. She always tries to spread love and positivity to her fans and she genuinely cares about them. Some say she is a little problematic, but she has really had a tough life. Not that I am justifying any of her previous issues, but she is a person who is growing and adjusting all the time, like any other normal human. I know she already has a massive following, but she is truly a genuine person who deserves all the positive attention she is receiving. And if you don’t already follow her, she is truly a kind human, only trying to grow from all different types of situations an opportunities that are being thrown her way.

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  1. I also love Jim Carrey! One of my all time favorite movies with him is “Bruce Almighty”. While that movie is very funny and light-hearted, there are a lot of important messages in the movie. Bruce is a pessimistic guy who gets fired from his job, but “God” played by Morgan Freeman gives the job of “God” to Bruce. Bruce makes everything in his life perfect through material things like a new car, a new job, and he even makes the moon bigger to make his wife love him more. But, everything falls apart for him and he realizes the more important things in life and the power that he has to make them right.

  2. Role models are such an interesting topic to discuss because everyone’s criteria for one can be so different. An individual who you do not like may mean the world to someone else. There is an individual who I admire that not many people are aware of because he is not extremely popular, but he is someone I have looked up too for a few years now. Charles Trippy, a daily YouTube vlogger and the bassist for the band We The Kings, is one of my favorite people. I found him on YouTube back in 2012-2013 I would say and have watched his videos ever since. Trippy holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube”. He has been uploading videos every single day for almost 10 years now (May 1st marks the 10th year). Now I do not look up to him because of his internet skills, but for the fact that he has been willing to commit to project for so long and for putting his life out on the internet for anyone to see. Charles also has dealt with brain cancer and even filmed his entire brain surgery and uploaded the video. He has shared his personal life with his followers who have helped him go through two brain surgeries, a divorce, remarrying, and now about to have a baby girl. All uploaded on YouTube! I have meet Charles a few times from going to We The Kings concerts and he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I am so happy to have found him.

  3. Role models truly have a positive impact on all of our lives. We all have a different one, or several, that can give us the motivation to do better with ourselves and make us want something more out of the basics of what life gives us. My biggest role model is my dad. He worked from the very bottom all the way to a corporate job and has given me the skills and lessons that I need to handle responsibility, pressure, and stress throughout college. My mother has also given me the tools to be successful, but a father figure compared to his own son is something that cannot be overlooked. In short, role models are important for everyone.

  4. Role models are great to have. As these role models can help us look towards a figure that we thrive to be. As I wanna be my role model ad try to achieve the things my role model has done. As my role model has achieved things and have try to provide to our society as a whole.

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