Stop making ’em cook!

A study by North Carolina State University found that home-cooked meals, while nutritionally valuable, were actually causing more negative affects on parents than the meals were worth, especially on mothers. Marx would say that we’ve managed to let the nutrition of our bodies, and feeding eachother (which is a huge connection to our basic humanness), especially the feeding of our children, fall to capitalism. Capitalism has not only given us the impression, but actually made it essential to our well being that we work far too much and that that has become more important than something as innately human as feeding our children. We no longer have time to make the connection of taking raw food and preparing it and giving it to our children, which Marx would say is one of the most important human connections we can make. This article has also reduced something as important as sharing food to a commodity that is a show of wealth if you have the time to eat with your family. Marx would be appalled that we have let it get to this point, and more importantly I have to wonder if Marx would give up on our society for letting something like food and the sharing of food become such an integral part of capitalism.

2 thoughts on “Stop making ’em cook!”

  1. Hey Alexa,

    The connection that you made between preparing food and connecting with our children is awesome. I feel like the world is so focused on ending obesity that children aren’t given “ right now” solutions but long run solutions. Marx states that the most important connection is a human connection. The more and more I connect obesity with capitalism and commodity fetish the more frustrated I become because its all one big cycle that goes round and round.

  2. Alexa –

    I’m sure Marx would give up on our society. We now as humans will give up our beliefs to conform to society’s and capitalism’s high demands. It’s much easier for a working mother to go buy her kid a happy meal from Mcdonalds for many reasons, one being that its cheap, two being that is fast. However, the mother has no idea who made her childrens meal, nor does she know what exactly is in it. But as we all know, Mcdonalds is one of the most unhealthiest thing you could feed your children, yet we still feed it to our kids because doing so helps us conform to the societal demands that we have to obey to be successful in society.

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