Benefits of Participation

The SCIE Ambassador Program is an amazing opportunity to become a leader on the MCV campus regarding issues of diversity and inclusion.  The benefits of participating in the SCIE Ambassador Program include:

  • Peer mentorship with colleagues from all of the health sciences schools
  • Informal mentorship opportunities with faculty and administrators from both the MCV and MPC campuses
  • Assigned a faculty mentor with whom you meet throughout the year
  • Receive training on and develop increased awareness of leadership skills; allyship and combating micro-aggressions; and social identity development
  • Impact the development of initiatives and influence progress related to increasing inclusion on the MCV campus through participation in the creation of the Strategic Brief and/or development of a group project
  • Liaise with home school and student organizations on behalf of the Office of Student Experience
  • Opportunities to engage with the university at large through specific requests from other offices and units

Learning Objectives

  • Increase understanding of leadership development & concepts
  • Develop a realistic self-appraisal of personality & leadership style
  • Develop meaningful relationships with peers & formal mentors
  • Develop leadership skills, including communication, networking, collaboration, & decision making skills