Expectations for Ambassadors

1. Attend all SCIE Ambassador Program meetings. Every effort is made to schedule meetings (i.e., day of the week) around the schedule of the current cohort.  If an Ambassador has to miss a meeting, he or she is expected to communicate that to the facilitators.  Wanting more time to study is not an appropriate reason for absence from a scheduled meeting. Two absences in the program may result in the termination of the Ambassador residency.

2. Be knowledgeable of OSE events and initiatives, and help to promote these events in student organizations and groups to which the Ambassador belongs.

3. Meet with assigned mentor once per semester and complete a Mentorship Form to document each meeting. Prior to the closing ceremony, Ambassadors must submit a one page reflection paper about their mentorship experience.

4. Inform OSE of events, initiatives, issues occurring in the Ambassador’s school that may impact under-represented students.

5. Provide honest feedback about each session and the Ambassador’s overall experience in the program.

6. Stay connected with the OSE after their year in residence to provide feedback about current diversity issues in the Ambassador’s school.